Pull-Through Fishtail Combo Cute Braids

Hey everyone. I’m Abby from LA. And today I’m here with Brooklyn. Hey, guys! And she’s going to help me show you what we’re calling the pull-through fishtail. Now this hairstyle I love. I love the way it looks, I love that it transitions from a pull-through to a fishtail. And that it’s so fun and full. It’s really a cute style. Yeah, it is. I thought it was cute. OK. I don’t know. Now before we get going, if you guys want to make sure you don’t miss any of our hair tutorials, be sure to click this button right here to comment to our blog. And shall we go? Sure. OK. Let’s do it. OK, now I started this hairstyle by teasing the front part of her hair and securing it with an elastic to create kind of just a little poof, or pompadour. Now you can take an option is to take some hair and cover this elastic right here because this will be one that shows the very most. I’m not going to worry about it today. So I am instead going to just go to my next step by taking this ponytail and clipping it up and out the way. Now I’m going to go about halfway between her ears and this hair, and pick up another section.

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I want to leave just a little hair down around her ears. I am going for a more lived-in look for this hairstyle. A little more soft and a little bit more grown-up. But if you would like it slicked back, you can certainly style this hair wet and use some gel or some pomade through the strands, and that would help secure it all up if you were going to wear this again or something like that. I’m creating my second ponytail here. I’m going to let the first one go. I’m going to break it in half and let it fall on either side of that second ponytail. And in the meantime, I’m going to take the second ponytail up and clip it out of the way. Now I’m going to go to the top of her ears this time. Right here. I’m just going to go right at the top of her ears on either side and pick up a section of hair. And again, create a ponytail. Secure it with an elastic,. And you can see that I brought those pieces from the first ponytail right into the third ponytail. Then I’m going to unclip the second. Let it fall down. Break it in half. Grab our third ponytail. Clip it out of the way. Pick up some more hair, including the ends, and create another ponytail. We’re going to just keep repeating this all the way down. Split it in half. Now at this point, I want to transition to my fishtail. So before I do that, I’m going to go back and I’m going to just pull on these edges to fluff all of these up. Make them way bigger way puffier. And they show up a lot, lot more. pull and tug until you get the dynamic you want in the hair. Back. Now on this last one, I’m going to split the entire thing into two pieces.

So I’m using both the rubber band in hair from the ponytail underneath and the top, and I’m going to begin to fishtail. And I’m going to do an outie fishtail, so I’m taking my strands underneath when I’m crossing instead of taking them over the top. When you get down here to the end, before I finish them completely out, I’m going to hang onto them because I want to use the link to pancake through her fishtail. So I’m just going to start out pulling a little first. You can pull way more if you want to. And let’s just start with a little, and then I’ll go make more if I want more. When you’re happy with the way it looks, you can secure at all with another elastic. And we are done. Let’s see the final thing. I told you you guys would love it. I love it! I love it! Kind of has that mohawk, fohawk feel to it, but it’s really, really pretty. I totally think you could wear it to a dance, don’t you think? Really? Yeah, I totally do. hip. A little bit edgy, like a prom dress with some converse and then fauxhawk. Yeah. My style. Yeah, totally your style. Be sure to give this post a thumbs up if you love this hairstyle. And leave a comment below if you’d like to see more prom-inspired hairstyles because prom is coming up. Now if you guys aren’t following us on Instagram, I’ll put a link into the description box below to our Instagram account. It’s LA, where you’ll see lots of fantastic hair pictures, but also some of our funny just family pictures. So be sure to go over there and follow us, and we will see you guys next Sunday. Bye! And you can leave the part where it was when you braided the hair, but one trick that I’ve learned is to take your hair and flip it to the other side. [CREEPY LAUGH] Stop, that really bothers me. I can’t stand it when people’s elbows and knees touch me. Stop! Oh, my gosh. Stop. Like this? Stop! It’s not it’s not that your knee is weird, it’s that I don’t like the feeling of you constantly being like right there like that. Stop! Oh, my gosh! Brooklyn. I love you, Brooklyn! Stop. I have a bubble. My cute personal space bubble. You don’t get a personal space bubble from your mother. My baby.

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