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Hey guys it’s Katie and Charlie again with Abella’s Braids. We are so excited to be here again to show you a new braid. It’s this one that Charlie’s wearing. And it’s a beautiful loose pull through crown braid. Before we get started, I wanted to remind you to, if you haven’t already, comment to Hairstyles, the link below, and make sure after this post you give us a big thumbs up. Thanks, guys. Okay, so first you wanna start by parting the hair down the middle, and then again right behind the ear from the very top of the head. Can you show them? Look this way and look up. All right, now you’re gonna wanna take a section down, and do a parting all the way from the middle section. You want like pie slice shaped partings. You can secure it with a little clear elastic. I like to use the clear ones unless you’re wanting to add a little color to the hairstyle. Okay, so both of these go in an elastic. Okay, and you’re gonna wanna do this to all four sections on the head.

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Okay, now as you can see, she has little ponytails all over her head. Now take a section from the back, and you’re going to split it in half. And you’re gonna take these two and put it around the next section. So this goes down the center and rejoin. Now you’re gonna take an elastic and join it to this, skip one, join it to this one. And then pancake it. Now you’re gonna take this section that’s in the middle between these two elastics, split it in half again, and you’re gonna bring it around this one this time. Then you’re gonna skip this elastic and join these hairs with the next elastic. And you’re just gonna repeat this all the way around the head. When you get to this point and you run out of ponytails to join it to, you’re just gonna continue this down the ponytail. And you’re just gonna bring this up and around, and you’re gonna secure it with pins. When you get to, look up. When you get to this part, you’re just gonna tuck it under here and pin it down. And then go ahead and go through and tuck your little loose ends. And pin them down underneath. There is your loose pull through crown braid. Thanks, everyone, for watching our post. We hope you liked it, and we hope you give us a big thumbs up. Again. Again. (laughter) If you wanna comment to Hairstyles, use this below. If you wanna see more of our posts, up here, up here, yeah. And more Hairstyles posts down here. Thank you so much for watching. We’ll see you next time. Bye. Bye.

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