Pull-Thru Mermaid Braid

Laying on the lawn wondering where the summer’s gone Marshmallow clouds keep drifting by Hey guys, it’s Abby from Cute Girls’ Hairstyles and I’m with Camrie. Hi guys! So I have a major announcement today! Pow pow! I have started a new blog! It’s been my baby for a long time and I finally did it. I took my gathering of my favorite moms and put them all in one place for you guys and it’s called: Millennial Moms. You can find it right here in the description box or the info box right here. It’s awesome! There’s a whole grouping of us moms and we talk about lifestyle and motherhood and comedy and parodies and funnies and I mean everything, advice, anything you can think of, tips and tricks, hacks; it’s such a great blog. Go check it out! And while you’re there, give us a comment. That’d be awesome.

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Now onto the hair, which today is the pull-through mermaid braid. Now this one I love, I saw floating around on Facebook, knew I had to do a tutorial. It’s great because you can do it wet or dry, you can age it older or younger, and it just really is a very very pretty simple braid, which is great, so let’s go! To begin this style what you wanna do is take a rectangular section on the top of her head and pull it back into an elastic right hair at the crown. Now what you do from this point to this point is entirely up to you. I’ve done a Dutch braid; you could do just a really nice fluffy poof, you could do a twist, a fishtail, flip-unders, anything, just get it back to this point right here. Now we’re going to take the same piece of hair and we’re going to put in elastics, probably every inch and a half to two inches just down on the remaining hair. Now when you have your hair all banded like this, then you’re going to go to this side and pick up a piece of hair, you’re going to make a hole through the middle of this loop, put your fingers through, grab the loop, and tug the hair through. Then you’re gonna go to the opposite side, do the same thing: Pick up some hair, make sure it’s gonna lay flat, go ahead and put your fingers through, and grab that piece of hair and tug it through.

So you’ve essentially crossed the hair through the loop. Now we’re going to do it again on the second loop. So pick up hair. This time I’m also going to pick up that extra piece and add it to the whole section. Then pop your fingers through the hole, grab them both, give it a tug. Now if you wanted to, you could use a topsy tail right here if you so choose, that would also work. It’s entirely up to you. If you don’t have one, just go ahead and use your fingers. Pull it through. And you can see that we’re starting to create the mermaid effect. We’re gonna continue this pattern all the way down through the loops. When you get down to here, then at the end I’m just gonna secure the whole thing together with another elastic. And then you can go back and pull and tug to make them really soft, pancaked, and pretty. And I especially like to tug the loopy parts right here on the top. The hair just kind of naturally feathers which is really fun but if you tug on those loops, it just really accents that braid. And there we go. Hey let’s do the final spin on the pull-through mermaid braid. Yay! Make sure to watch last week’s post by clicking this button right here. See you guys next week. Bye! Bye guys!.

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