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Hey guys! I’m Abby from LA with. Brooklyn. (girls laugh) I didn’t know that she would say my name. Brooklyn, who’s gonna help me show you guys how to do the pull-through ponytail, which I am totally digging. Like maybe one of my new favorites, for sure. Anyway, if you guys haven’t already checked out the giveaway that Brooklyn and Bailey are doing over on their blog, four Beats earphones and a laptop. Be sure to go check it out. You can find the information in the box right here on the eye, or in the description box below. Don’t forget, on Thursday we have our guest contributors coming every week on CGH and doing great hairstyles for you guys.

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And don’t forget that next Sunday, you’re going to see a family vlog again. So much exciting stuff. Let’s go. So to begin this hairstyle, we’re literally going to just start like we would a pull-through. So you’re gonna pull a little section back right here on the top of the head. If you have little fly-aways like Brooklyn tends to, you can just use a little dry wax to help pull and control some of those fly-aways. Grab elastic and secure it. And then I go back almost immediately, and really puff this front one. Cuz this is just gonna give her face a lot more framing, and we really want this first one puffed. So, then you pick up, put this out of the way, Hold this for me. If you’re doing it yourself, you can use just a little shark clip or duck-bill clip to hold it out of the way. Pull up sections from both sides again. Grab another elastic and secure it right underneath our first one. Then you take the first hair, divide it in half. Wrap it around the second ponytail, and have her hold the hair from that one. And we’re gonna pull up number three. So this is section number three. Again, little bit of hair from both sides. We’re now incorporating hair from section one as well. So, secure with an elastic. And we’re just repeating. So split the hair. Go ahead and drop this. Okay, so you can see we have, tip your head way back, four elastics. One, two, three and four. And then we have this piece that’s going to be wrapped in half around here like this. And now we are going to join it all into one giant ponytail. So everything else that’s remaining, scoop up into a really high ponytail. Okay, when you get to this point, I left this last piece out, the one that we’re gonna divide around the ponytail. You have a couple options.

You can divide this in half, and then try to incorporate it into the ponytail. So you would wrap this around, trying to keep these hairs towards the bottom. Like this, you would pull them to the bottom of the ponytail, and then secure it all, or, option two is don’t even deal with this right now. I need a big elastic. Secure your ponytail first. So this is just personal preference. So if you secure your big ponytail first, then you can bring the second one around like this. Hold that massive one. And then you just use another little elastic underneath, right here to secure it. This is probably the easier way to do it. I’ll show you why I dislike this way, because sometimes, if it doesn’t blend well, like this one’s blending pretty well but from the side. See how you can see this. But if you can get it to hide like this, then it’s easier. So that’s the trick. So, now that we’re done, we have everything secured. I’m gonna go back and really puff and pull the pull-out part. Okay, and there you can see I really pulled those, pancaked them a ton. I really want them over-exaggerated. When I get to this point, I’m just gonna go back, pick up this top piece right here. Add just a tiny little bit of back combing. Just so the volume is really full right there at the top of the ponytail. You can always use a little hairspray and such to keep it in place. And you’re done. So you have this really cool looking ponytail from the front. Kind of has a little bit of a mohawk vibe going on, but then it blends right into a fun ponytail in the back. So, another option, just for those of you who want to, you can use another elastic right here and secure all of this together, and just wrap hair around it, too. And that would hide that second ponytail even a little bit better. So if that bothers you, there’s another option. Okay, let’s do the final spin on the pull-through ponytail. Pull-through looks awesome. And there you go. And guys, it’s the last few days to enter our giveaway, so if you wanna enter, hit the information button up there, or hit the link in the description box below. It ends the st, midnight central time. So, enter if you can. Don’t forget, it’s a laptop. Yeah, and Beat Solo wireless earphones. So check it out. They’re pretty cool. We’ll see you guys next Sunday. Bye guys! Bye!.

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