Pull-Thru Updo Hairstyles

Hey guys, I’m Annie from Annies Forget Me Knots. I’m a guest blogger here on Hairstyles. I upload every other Thursday, so make sure to just comment below so you don’t miss any future posts. You can find me at Annies Forget Me Knots, and let’s get started. I like to start by sweeping all of my hair over to the side that has the least amount of hair that you part on. And then take a little section. And you’re going to tie it about two inches above your neck with a clear elastic band. And then you’re going to take another section just behind that one and tie that off as well. Now, you’ll take the first ponytail, split it in half. Pull the second ponytail through the first one, and clip that off. Do another ponytail, but then add the hair that is hanging down into the ponytail as well. Take your next ponytail, split it in half.

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Pull that ponytail through, clip it off. Create another ponytail, bringing in that hair. Pull that ponytail through. Take another small section and add that into the next ponytail. I do six ponytails. Once you reach the front where you’re gonna add all of your hair in, I like to make sure that I like the way that it looks in the front. And now we’re gonna continue doing a pull-through braid. And now we’re going to begin pulling apart this braid. And this is what makes the braid look so cool. I’m just going to pull it apart like crazy. And try to be sure to do your elastics not super tight. So that way it pulls apart a little bit easier. Now I’m just pulling on the very top to give myself more volume. And then I’m just gonna continue going through and pulling apart this braid like crazy so it gets super big.

This will work really well if you have a mirror to look in the back while you’re doing this. I didn’t have a mirror, but if you do have a two-way mirror, that will be very helpful. And in the very front where you started, I really don’t like seeing that elastic right there. So I just take a tiny bit of hair, stick a bobby pin in it, and then push it up and push that bobby pin back into my hair. So that way you don’t see any elastics. And then I’m just gonna go through and bobby pin this to my head just so it looks fuller and I know it’s not gonna fall or anything throughout the day. And then you’re gonna take that end, tuck it underneath, bobby pin that in place. And then adjust the front. I’ll want to have a little bit more volume so I’m just pulling apart a little bit more. And then you’re finished! If you guys want to see more of my hairstyles, be sure to come check out my blog and comment. My blog name is Annies Forget Me Knots and I will leave a link in the description box below so you can find it. My latest Hairstyles post is right here so be sure to click that button if you want to watch it. comment below to Hairstyles so you don’t miss any posts. And I’ll see you guys soon. Bye!.

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