Pulled Together Laced Braid Hairstyles

Hi, I’m Sarah. And this is my daughter Gracie hi.

And we’re from on duty chair style. And today, I’m going to show you how to do it pull together lace braid. So let’s get started.

I started by putting some gel on our hair just 10 more flyaways. And rivers wet which helps me to control the way the braids going alright. I’m going to start by from the back here right in the middle of our head, I’m just going to split down the middle on this side on this side.

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I’m going to start by this side here first. I’m going to start by the corner of her eyebrow. And just above about an inch.

And a half right here take a slice of that we’ll start by doing a regular three-strand. So we’re going to start with a stitch then, I’m going to add a slice from the side just from like right around here that this much that far, I’m going to add another, I’m just going to only add on this side not up here. I’m going to just serve to add.

And, I’ll leave this far not all the way over good stitch. And as, I’m doing the stitches. And, I’m going down, I’m going to be point diagonally towards me you now that, I’m past it here, I’m just going to go.

And keep adding just a little bit like a lace braid but you’re just not adding on this side don’t forget to go diagonally cuz you want to meet in the middle of the head now that, I’m at the middle of her head, I’m just going to keep continuing by pulling the sides of our hair on the one side of the strand, I’m just going to go diagonally down. So make sure as you’re adding each piece to the sides of the tip that’s sprayed to make sure that this here is smooth. And down flat.

And if you find that your hair on this side is in the way you could always clip it because you don’t want that to mesh with this side here. I’m going to stop here, I’ll move some of this down. And then just continue, I’m going to put it in a elastic band temporarily now, I’ll just start doing this sighs pull this down make it smooth.

And, I’m going to do the same thing, I get on this side to the side okay. So what my goal is to take this side. And match it with this other braid here.

So what, I’m going to do is just pull it together to see how far, I need more to braid towards amid overhead. And, I’ll leave another stitch okay perfect. I’m gonna continue to go down, I’m gonna stop right here.

And, I’m going to tie it off temporarily again now, I’ll have to two braids that will look just like this it’s just a little bit of hair that’s not in the braid. So what you’re going to do is you’re going to take a comb make sure that the top is smooth. So what you’ll do is you’ll connect these together right in the middle take the cloth.

And just clip just the outside of the braid again just like that you’ll continue to go all the way down the tribute clause like maybe two to three inches down now you can actually take the two braids that were temporarily tied. And put them together. And tie it again a little bit further up.

And then you can take that last six out. And you finish the last one with the less quick yeah. And just separate them.

And mix them up. And you could take a hair accessory. And hide their elastic band.

So just use a little hairspray there you have it you thank you. So much for reading our tutorial we hope that you enjoyed it if you do please give a thumbs up. And comment to the link below.

And don’t forget to check out our other tutorials, I know you’ll like them we’ll see you next time thank you bye guys bye.

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