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Herbs and Essential Oils

There is an abundance of essential oils and natural herbs from which to choose when creating your own herbal hair shampoo and hair treatment. Regardless of the recipe you to choose to replicate, you will always need to soak your herbs and oils into the distilled water first. This will allow the nutrients and scents from the herbs and oils to better infuse your hair shampoo. Think of it as simply making a cup of tea – first you steep the herbs in the water, and then you strain the tea so as to leave the tea leaves behind. Whether you decide to use essential oils, fresh herbs, or dried herbs will depend on the herb itself.

Some of the most commonly used herbs and oils are:

• Lavender

• Rosemary

• Rose petals

• Chamomile

• Nettle

• Peppermint

• Lemon

• Lemon grass

• Clary Sage

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