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Hair shampoo Base Ingredients

When making your own homemade hair products be sure to keep them in clean containers and store them in a cool, dry location. Also, make sure that you wash your hands properly before, during, and after using homemade hair care products so as to avoid germ cross-contamination. If you find that, your homemade hair shampoo has started to separate, simply give the mixture a vigorous stir. However, if it starts to smell a little funny – then it probably has gone bad and it is high time to throw it out.

Basic Herbal hair shampoo Ingredients

Herbal hair shampoos only require very few ingredients:

Distilled Water

Unfortunately, regular tap or faucet water, and even so-called purified water, contains minerals and other kinds of impurities. These minerals and impurities can actually leave harsh mineral deposits that build up over time on your hair. This can make your hair appear greasy and dull. Distilled water is simply water from which such minerals and impurities have been successfully removed through distillation. Distilled water is widely used in a variety of settings due to the fact that is leaves less mineral deposits. Although it is never suggested to actually drink distilled water, it can be used perfectly for homemade herbal hair shampoos and treatments.

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