Warm-up: Perform one warm-up set per exercise before beginning the first superset of each pairing. Use a weight that you could comfortably perform 25 reps with. With the bodyweight exercises, perform one warm-up set of 6-8 reps.

suit your own skill level – for example, if you can’t perform 8 pull-ups in a row, perform as many as you can during each set instead.

Weights used: For the worksets [of the weighted exercises] you should be using a weight that you could normally perform a set of 15 reps with. With the bodyweight exercises, you may need to adjust the number of reps to

Progression: Try to add one rep – using the same weight – to each set of all of the exercises each week. So, if in the first week you are performing 12 reps of A1, then in week

2 you will aim for 13 reps. Only increase the number of reps after you have completed all four supersets with the new rep target.


One warm-up set of each exercise.

Four supersets of each pair of exercises with one minute rest between each superset.

Two minutes rest between A, B, and C exercises.

Try to increase the reps each week.

In this four-week programme, you perform three workouts per week, having a rest day between each one.

Each workout focuses on two areas of your body. Workout 1 hits your chest and back; Workout 2 your legs and abs; and Workout 3 on shoulders and arms.

As with all of our workouts, each exercise should be performed with good form in a controlled manner.

A1: Dumbbell curls 8 reps

A2: Dumbbell shoulder press 10 Reps

B1: Triceps press-down 10 Reps

B2: Dumbbell side raise 12 Reps

C1: Curl and press (with EZ bar) 8 Reps

C2: Close-grip press up 12 Reps


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