Where do I put blush so that it looks natural?

Answer: One of the biggest mistakes women make with blush is sucking in their cheeks, then applying one stripe of color across the hollow part of their faces. The result always looks artificial. (Who’s idea was that, anyway?) Instead, blush should be applied on the apple of your cheek, which is where color would rise naturally if you were embarrassed, exhausted, orflushed. To find that spot, smile in an exaggerated way. The apple is the round, lifted part of your face. Also, be careful to blend blush up into your hairline.

If you have trouble blending, the problem may be your blush shade. Try buying a lighter, more neutral blush. The right color blush should almost blend itself.

Don’t worry if the color seems too dull in the compact you need a muted base to look natural. Remember that natural color is the right color, not washed-out color! You may layer a slightly brighter blush on top for a pop of color. For day, be sure to balance base blush color with color pop. At night, use your brighter blush for the perfect amount of color.

Where do I put blush so that it looks natural? Photo Gallery

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