Putting Baby To Sleep

Putting Baby To Sleep

Crying and Sleeping

Ever since Bernard was born I have never left, him to cry. The one time I did I was in tears in five minutes. I figured that he would only cry if something was wrong: hungry, dirty, windy or lonely – and I was the only person who could make it right. As a result I have a contented, happy baby who everyone thinks is wonderful. I am what I would class as a very lucky mum.’


If it weren’t for the fact that Adam cries so bitterly for hours on end at night I would leave him to sleep on his own. But I can’t ignore the tears.’


No parent wants their baby to cry, but all babies do, some more than others. A baby who seems to cry endlessly, no matter what you do, can be a shattering experience.

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This beautiful little nursery! She didn’t spend more than three minutes in it. I picked her up, she cried, I put her down, she cried, I turned the washing machine on, she cried, I turned the washing machine off, she cried, I sang her a song, she cried, I bounced her up and down, she cried, her dad came in, she cried, her dad went out, she cried, the cat sneezed, she cried. ’

Victoria, mother of Helena, aged 20 months

Hearing your baby cry can be one of the most soul-destroying, anxiety-inducing, overpowering experiences there is. When he cries and there’s nothing you can do about it, you can feel helpless.

But not everyone reacts the same way to their baby’s tears. Some parents feel that crying is a natural part of the way their baby adapts to change, and leave him to calm himself, while others do everything to prevent their baby crying in the first place or to calm him when he does cry.

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