Quadruple-Flipped Ponytail 2 Hairstyles

Hey guys. I’m Abby from LA, and today I don’t remember. That’s OK. Hey everyone. I’m Abby from LA. And today we are going to Film the quadruple flipped ponytail number dos. OK. So this hairstyle is similar to our other quadruple flipped ponytail. But it is a little different, and it’s a little softer. So I think it’s a little more grownup look, which I really like. So I’m going to begin by just brushing her hair kind of straight back away from her forehead. Then I’m going to pick up a section of hair, kind of right behind her ear and up. It doesn’t have to be a big huge section. Can you hold that one for me? I’m going to just grab another one on this side. Then I’ll turn her around so you can see what I’m doing. I’m going to take the two sections and I’m going to grab a small clear elastic. And I’m just going to secure the sections against her head. Now I am going to just use my fingers, but if you have a Topsy Tail you are welcome to use it at this point.

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But I’m just going to loosen that up a little bit, stick my fingers through, and just flip that under. And then I’m going to go ahead and just loosen it a tiny bit so it’s soft, a really soft look. Now I’m going to take this same ponytail that we already created, I’m going to take another elastic, go down about maybe three inches and put the elastic around the hair. Now I’m going to create a hole in the middle, and again, I’m going to just flip it through like that. And that is going to start the basis of our next section. So now I’m going to go back and with my fingers just grab another section of hair. Again, it doesn’t have to be to huge, just depending on thickness of your hair. That one’s actually almost too much, so let me get a little smaller piece. On both sides take it, put it together. Using another elastic, tighten it down. And we’re going to go ahead and loosen it. And again, flip it through. But this is where it’s going to get this a little bit different. So we have our original flip here we’re going to open up that middle section, take our second flip and pull it through. And then I’m going to just pull this elastic down a little bit. So it’s just going to hide under that first elastic, like that. That’s going to loosen that up a little bit.

So then we’re going to create our third flip. Again, take a small piece of hair from either side. Take another elastic, secure with a rubber band, loosen it up, reach in, flip it through. And then what I’m going to do to finish it all off is just take a regular elastic that one’s wanting to hang crooked a little bit, there we go secure the whole ponytail this time. Pull it down just a little bit, make another hole, reach through, flip it. And if you don’t like the way the black one looks on the bottom, you’re welcome to just use a clear rubber band right there. And that would be fine too. And there you go. It’s just kind of has the illusion of a little bit of French braid. But it’s actually just done with a whole bunch of twists. And I love that you could kind of almost see the little diamond inside where we flipped the one into the other, which is also really fun. And if you wanted to, you could even just continue to flip it all the way down until you ran out of hair. So in my opinion, this one if you want to use it for sports, which it would be good for, wet your hair down and then do the same thing, and just tighten them down a little bit. And that would be a great sports do. Or you can use the original quadruple flipped ponytail would be great for athletes. And this one would be great for any length hair. If you have super short hair, just do the first flip. If you have shoulder length hair, try putting two flips, or maybe even the third one. And if you have long hair, do four, five, or six flips. And I think that there’s a lot of fun things you can do with this hairstyle. I hope you enjoy. And I’ll show you the front. So this one’s just really soft, and loose, and very natural looking. But it’s a little bit different than what you’re always wearing for your standard ponytail, which is nice. See you guys later.

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