Quadruple-Flipped Ponytail Easy Hairstyles

Hey, guys. It’s Abby from LA. And today we’re going to show you the quadruple flip pony. It’s always nice to have a couple ponytail variations in your repertoire, especially for the summertime when you’re going to be going to the beach and pool, and you need something to do with your hair that’s quick when it’s wet, and you’ve just got out of the water. So we are going to start by just picking up this front section, just a small doesn’t have to be too big. And I’m going to use just a little bit of hairspray, to help control some of the flyaways. And we’re just going to kind of comb it back. And you can also tease your hair a little bit before doing this, if you want, for a little bit more fullness and volume right through here. Then I’m going to take one of these small elastics, and I’m just going to wrap her hair through. And you don’t make your elastic too, too tight, because what we’re going to do is now we’re going to slide it back about an inch, and we’re going to create a hole in the hair. You can see that my fingers can go all the way through. Can you see that? And what we’re going to do is we’re going to take the ponytail and take it and just flip it through, like so. I do it better when I’m using both hands, so might be a little bit trickier for you to see.

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But you can see I’ll turn around, so you can see it. There’s the bottom of our ponytail now. Then you can just tug just lightly, and it’ll pull it through. And we have our first flip. Now we’re going to just repeat that again but we’re going to pick up a little bit bigger section. Again, we’re going to have to kind of control the flyaways. This is why this would be a great one for beach days, because if your hair’s already wet, it’s just going to be already combed down easily. You’re not going to have as much of this flyaway issue. Grab another elastic. And I prefer the elastics to match the hair, as close as possible. That way you don’t see them as much, when the hair is all finished. Again, slide it down just a little bit. And begin to work the hair apart, until you create a small hole. Take it. Use your fingers, tuck it through. You can see what way we’ve tucked it. And pull it through. Sorry, I have one little straggler here. Here we go. OK, now we’re going to repeat again.

And we’re going to only leave it so there’s just a little bit hair at the bottom that’s left out of this one. So we’re kind of going from like middle of the ear on both sides. we’re picking up most of her hair at this point. Again a little bit of flyaway control. And an elastic. You can see her ponytails get quite massive to work with. And part it. This is an easy hair do to do on yourself, as well. In fact, the first day I did this hair I did it on myself to begin with, and she liked it so much she asked me to do it on hers. And then she wore it to school, I believe it was, and got a ton of compliments on it, which was kind of fun. Whoa. There we go. We have one little hair that doesn’t want to come through. There. OK, tighten it up a little bit. You can see that these ones are showing, these elastics. You can go back and just kind of tug the hair down a little, and try to hide them. But it’s not too concerning to me. Now in the fourth one, I am going to take it just slightly off center, like this. And again, using elastic we’re just repeating the exact same process, just slightly off to the side. We’re going to take it, create our little hole. flip the hair through. I do better flipping with two hands, for some reason. Reach down, and pull the ponytail through. There we go. And then tighten it down a little. Brush out the ends. And you have a little fun variation of a ponytail. And it almost sort of looks like a braid of some sort, or some kind of tricky braid. And then, just if if you have flyaways she was like she does today. You can just use some hairspray. Tuck them down, and you’re finished. We hope you enjoy, I think you’ll get a lot of comments on this. I know I did, when I wore it. And we’ll spin her all the way around, so you can see. We’ll see you for the next tutorial.

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