For the coolest wedding in Canada, the Hotel de Glace in Quebec will give you and your wedding guests the warmest of welcomes. This magnificent structure boasts snow vaults and ice sculptures, providing an atmospheric and unique location for your nuptials. Couples can have an awesome ceremony in the beauty and splendor of the Hotel de Glace Chapel, where you can walk down the aisle on a red carpet to say I do at an ice alter.


The door would be opened almost immediately by a smiling man in his 40s. He had level and unwavering eyes, like all hired muscle everywhere. He would size up the party and usually let us in. We were always in boisterous mood, which was acceptable, as was mild drunkenness; excessive drunkenness was not. Jimmy and I had drinking with one of the fivers in Anson Road one evening. At midnight, the fiver became desperate for sex after being rejected by a bar-girl: it was the mark of abject failure to be refused by a bar-girl and we ribbed him mercilessly. We agreed to find him somewhere to sate his needs and gave instructions to a taxi driver to find us a ‘good place, with good girls for short time.’ The taxi driver drove us to his favoured place, which was across Singapore Island in Serangoon. We beat on the door, but as it opened – as the door was actually being opened – the fiver started vomiting. The man jumped back, as partly digested noodles propelled by Anchor beer came rushing out, splattering on the man’s flip-flopped feet.

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