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Hey guys! I’m Abby, from LA, and I’m here with Rylan, otherwise known as: The Queen of Hearts! The Queen of Hearts, from Alice in Wonderland. I’m gonna show you today how to get this awesome hair, to match a costume, because of course, we are focusing on our CGH Spoooooktorials! [Rylan] Spoooooktorials! So, let’s get started! Now to begin this hairstyle I’ve parted her hair down the middle in the front, and we took a mini-crimper and just crimped little pieces of it to add extra volume. That’s an optional step, you don’t have to do it, you can also just use a regular crimper, whatever you have. Now, I’ve sectioned her hair, from about two inches, three inches back off her head, to her ear, tops of her ears on each side, that’s section one and two, and then I’ve gone back about another inch and done a second section, so just slightly behind her ear, so sections three and four, and pulled the rest of her hair back into an elastic in the back. So five total sections right now, to begin with. And I’m going to start by just popping her little crown, that’s going to decorate her hair, on her head, right in between those two sections.

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So I want this to fall right behind her ears, right on top of where I kind of already sectioned the hair. Like this. Now, we want extra volume right through here when we do this kind of victory roll look right here, so I’m gonna teach you how to make hair padding. Now, I’ve taken a simple, this is just a simple hairnet, cost a couple of dollars at Sally, hold that, Sally’s. And this is just some hair you can buy at Sally’s, again, for a couple dollars. I’ve tried to match it to her hair. You pop in the thickness that you feel like you need, and you can make these more full or less full, just depending on how much hair you use, and then you just simply tie the edges of the hair net into a knot, bam. And then you’ve got your little hair bump, and you can shape it to be really any shape you want. So you form it, I’ve got two done, like long skinnies, for Ryland’s hair. So we’re gonna start by just bobby-pinning ’em, right here, and right here. Hair padding, this is called hair padding, you can also buy these on Amazon, just already done, if you don’t wanna make ’em yourself. So I’m going to start pinning, right here. OK, I’m going to cheat her headband, it’s actually off-center just a little bit, but I really want it to look more centered, and I wanna make sure these are relatively even on her head, because I want the victory rolls to be even. Once I have my hair padding in place, I’m going to release that first elastic, and then I take the hair and what we’re going to do is wrap it up and over that hair padding. And this is going to give us a nice, giant, hair roll right there, you can see. And we’ll hide anything that is showing right now. Now I’m gonna release the second elastic, and again, take that hair up and over, and you’re gonna just smooth it out as you go. You can use a comb, or some hair spray, or hair wax, if you want to. And combed nice and tight over the edge of that. Bump. And we almost wanna take it and kind of tuck it under that piece of, that hair padding we have. So we get this really fun shape in the front, right here. It looks very Queen-of-Heart-esque. And then, when we get that shape, we’re just going to take some bobby pins. And, bobby pin that twist into place.

OK, now I’ve just used some bobby pins to secure this back part for a second, temporarily. You can also have your daughter hold it if you want, or use a clip, whatever. We’re gonna go back and repeat the exact same steps on the opposite side. (cheerful pop music) OK, when you get things pinned the way you want ’em in the front right here, we’re just gonna keep twisting back, and go head and release this if you were using bobby pins or an elastic to hold it, or whatever. Release it, and twist them together. In the back center, and use an elastic to secure them. We’ve got that elastic all secure, we’re gonna release this hair underneath, And I want all of this hair swept up, because her costume has a big tall collar as well. We’re gonna comb this out, and I’m gonna make sure I have a little space right here, with my fingers, because we’re gonna be tucking hair down underneath this. (spraying) Comb all the hair up, pick it up, and we’re going to take it and virtually tuck it down into that hole that we just made with our fingers, under that elastic. So tuck tuck tuck, all those ends. Like this, and then secure it with bobby pins, so we make sure that all that hair stays in where we want it. I’m gonna just put some bobby pins in where we tucked that hair in, to secure those ends, and. You are finished with the Queen of Hearts. Here is your final spin on the Queen of Hearts hair. This big dramatic-looking hairstyle. If you love our spooktorials, be sure to give us a thumbs-up, click the button! [Ryland] Click it! And if you don’t, we might just, off with your heads! Be sure to check out our latest two posts that you can find here, and show us some love by clicking on the comment button!.

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