Quick 5 minute Braided Pony FebruHairy Day 3

Hey everyone Abbey here and it’s Tuesday which means I bring you guys a super fast hairstyle and this one is definitely very quick but also very pretty. So let’s go ahead and get started you’re gonna separate your hair from the temples up and then you’re going to braid it you can do whatever braid you want and be however fancy you want but I decided to do a fishtail braid because.

Quick 5 minute Braided Pony FebruHairy Day 3 Photo Gallery

I thought that looked interesting but it was still fairly quick you could always do a normal braid if you’re really in a rush and you just want to braid it long enough to get into that ponytail once you’ve got that braid done secure it to Barrera Lee with an elastic. So it doesn’t unravel while you’re finishing your hairstyle and then consider putting a pin at the base of that bump in the front or else you can accidentally pull the volume out when you put your ponytail in and that would just be sad then sweep all of your hair into a ponytail and wrap it up with an elastic you could also use two elastics if you want an extra perky ponytail and then if you feel like you want to be extra fancy you can go ahead and wrap a piece of hair around the base of the ponytail and secure that with an elastic as well I have an entire other tutorial on that which is linked on the screen and in the description box if you want to see that and that’s it for our hairstyle guys it really is like a five minute or less hairstyle and it looks great. So I hope you guys love this and be sure to check out my previous post and come back tomorrow for another post love you guys.

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