Quick and Easy Catelyn Stark Inspired Updo

Guess it hey everyone Abbey here with this braided updo inspired by Caitlyn from Game of Thrones people have been asking me for Game of Thrones hairstyles for what seems like forever. So I thought I would go ahead and do a couple for you guys you’re going to start off by sectioning a triangle section from your hair and splitting it into two and then you’re going to wrote braid with it basically what you’re going to do is twist the two sections towards your face and then wrap them away from your face and the easiest way to do This twist all the way down the hair and then wrap it but I think was actually the best thing for me is actually to twist as I go and wrap it as I go but that might be a little bit tricky. So This your first time doing a rope braid just twist all the way down your hair and wrap it back up and if you need more of a tutorial.

Quick and Easy Catelyn Stark Inspired Updo Photo Gallery

I will link that in the description box for you guys once you reach the back center of your head you can go ahead and secure that with a bobby pin or a clip or a hair elastic to hold your place in the braid then repeat the exact same thing on the other side make sure that you’re twisting toward your face and wrapping away from your face because that makes kind of a prettier look from the front then bring the two braids back and secure them with a small elastic at the back of your hair then bring the rest of your hair back and French braid it all together basically that’s all it there is to this step it’s literally just a French braid but if you don’t know how to French braid.

I will also have that tutorial linked in the description box as well finish off by braiding the rest of the hair normally and securing it at the end with an elastic then take your two fingers right underneath that French braid and pull it apart to create a little pocket there going to fold your braid in half if your hair is long like mine and then tuck it in and go ahead and push it all the way up until it kind of reaches the very top of that French braid you want to get it all the way through and looking even not lumpy at all. So you might have to kind of push the braid around don’t be afraid just kind of push it to where you need it to be and then go ahead and crisscross your bobby pins into the base of it you can also stick your bobby pins in through the French braid to get to it if you need to if you have a little bit more hair than I do or if it’s a little bit thicker than mine is and then if you have any weird little baggy areas just stick a bobby pin through kind of halfway and you can move that wherever you want to after that. So I’ll going to use my bobby pins to move that right up and into the braid. So that it looks like it’s a part of it and once you’ve got that in place you got rid of all the little bags that you have and your hairstyle is complete now I understand that it is Game of Thrones but I think it’s still pretty wearable if you wanted to especially its kind of bohemian kind of fun to wear and it’s great for Halloween that’s coming up as well. So I think it’s multifunctional whatever you want to get out of this hairstyle I hope you guys like something about it make sure to check out my previous post and I will be back actually tomorrow with another game of Thrones hairstyle see you then ha nice.

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