Quick and Easy Valentines Half Updo

Hey everyone Abbey here with this really easy to do a half updo and you can wear it with any kind of curls that you like it’s very simple and I really enjoy it I’ll doing my collaboration post a couple days early. So you guys could have plenty of time to practice this before Valentine’s Day and today I’ll collaborating with Allison from amour eeks she did this beautiful Valentine’s Day makeup look I always loved her makeup looks because they’re. So ft and glowy and pretty and This no exception I think it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day and for this hairstyle and speaking of that let’s go ahead and get started. So we’re gonna start out with the bump and basically you’re just gonna separate your hair at the apex of the head and do a little bit of teasing and you can do another section if you want extra volume and basically you just do the amount of teasing that you want here you can do a little bit for a slight amount of lift or more for more lift then smooth your hair back in into the bump.

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So there’s no little pieces that are being kind of frizzy or flyaway right there and you wanna make sure This kind of more of a narrow bump. So This about how wide mine is gonna be and. So I’ll gonna take the little sides out just to make sure that it’s not too wide because we want to have those pieces of hair for the sides later. So once you have that nice and narrow you can go ahead and push it up to create the amount of volume that you want and then once you have that in place the way that you want it you can go ahead and crisscross your pins in the back to hold that in place and now we’re gonna move on to the sides what you’re gonna do is to take the top half of your hair from over your ears and then brush it to make sure that it’s nice and smooth then hold the hair back at an angle back towards that bump and begin to twist it away from your face and you’ll see that it kind of pulls those hairs around your face kind of back a little bit. So pull them back toward your face. So that they create this great draped shape and you can pull that as much as you want. So you get the shape that you want once you have that the way that you like it you can go ahead and twist the hair over the bobby pins and then once you’ve gotten across them go ahead and pin that in place then you’re going to repeat the same thing on the other side. So separate that top half of the hair then you’re gonna go ahead and brush that back and once you’ve got that nicely brushed out you’re gonna go ahead and hold it back kind of at an angle and begin to twist it away from your face after a couple of twists you’re gonna go ahead and loosen up the front just to create that great draped shape now if you have regular bangs or side bangs you can leave them out of this twist and just let them fall forward as they would normally then finally twist this over any bobby pins that are still showing and pin it in place pinning up and into the bump and now we’re going to move on to the rosette bun basically you’re going to take the hair from the twists and you can’t take the hair that’s back from the bump as well depending on how large you want this rosette to be and begin to wrap it into the shape of a bun without twisting it. So you can see.

I’ve wrapped just a little bit here and now I’ll going to pin it as I go. So that it’s a nice tight bun and it doesn’t pull out throughout the night and then I’ll gonna continue to wrap my hair around until I reach the end of my hair now that takes me about two times around this button to make that happen because my hair is a little longer but if your hair is shorter and you can only get one surround that’s totally fine just work with what you have and once you have it where you want it you just want to make sure that you pin it in place you also want to make sure that the ends are penned in. So there’s no little flyaways now if you want this to be a little bit smaller you can always take less hair for a smaller rosette and now we’re gonna finish off with the curls as a side note this will look great with straight hair if that’s what you prefer. So don’t really worry about this stuff if you don’t want to do curls but if you want to all I did was to wrap my hair around a curling wand just to create this kind of sweet ring liddie look. So you get these nice sweet curls from it but if you want a more loose kind of wave you can just kind of pull your hair apart and run your fingers through it and then add some hairspray into the mix and it creates some more tousled kind of wave than a tight ring liddie curl also if you want to get really dramatic you could use these sultry curls for my previous Valentine’s Day post. So that’s it guys I hope you guys go and check out America’s Valentine’s Day makeup I think it’s beautiful and I love the look. So you guys should definitely go and check it out I will see you guys tomorrow with my next daily post and then there are you post that normally goes up on Mondays it’s gonna go up on Wednesday this week. So I will see you then with that I love you guys and I’ll see you in those posts muah.

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