Quick Beautiful French Braided Updo

Hey everyone Abbey here with this really pretty and simple French braided hairstyle a lot of people sent me pictures asking me to do this hairstyle and. So I decided to go ahead and show you how to do it first of all if you want some extra lift you can add a slight amount of teasing right at the top of your hair and then smooth it out then place your fingers at your temples and tilt your head back and slide your fingers until they meet together in the back then separate that hair and go ahead and secure it with an elastic now if you wants to be extra fancy you can wrap a small piece of hair around that elastic to hide it but it’s not necessary then whether you wrapped hair around it or not use a bobby pin to go ahead and pin that pouf up.

Quick Beautiful French Braided Updo Photo Gallery

So you have a little bit of extra volume going on and you can get as much volume in there as you want then go ahead and take the hair that we brought from the front and begin to braid it just normally they were going to French braid you’re gonna start by incorporating here this right next to the braid that we’ve already started on both sides. So we’ve got this hair on this side and then we’re gonna take another section right next to the braid on the other side then with our next section we’re gonna incorporate here from the ears up. So you’re going to take all the hair from the ears up on one side and incorporate it and then do the same thing on the other side these large sections kind of create a great voluminous looking French braid then for the very last sections we’re going to use you’re just gonna take the remaining hair from the nape of the neck and incorporate that into the braid. So you can see on this side I’ll incorporating the last of the hair and then the other side I’ll going to grab the last of the hair from that side then braid just a couple of inches normally to go ahead and hold your place.

So the braid doesn’t unravel accidentally and then see here the end with an elastic once you’ve got that in place you’re gonna go ahead and braid just a couple more times with the hair that’s leftover if you don’t have enough hair for that don’t worry just completely skip this step but if you want to you can go ahead and do a couple times normally and once you’ve got that then you’re going to secure it out again with another elastic then in order to make this style look more voluminous and romantic you’re gonna go ahead and pull the hair apart this creates a much more soft look to the braid. So do that with the braid between the two elastics and with your French braid as well then if you want to you can tie a pieces of ribbon around the remaining elastics to hide them like there were in the original hairstyle I hope you guys enjoy this I think it’s. So pretty and still. So easy and I hope you guys try it out and send me pictures I’d love to see them I’ll see you my next post.

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