Quick Beautiful Goddess Bun Ponytail Option

Hi everyone kala here so for today’s tutorial we have this really versatile hairstyle you can wear it in a ponytail or a bun and you can wear it for anything from everyday with just like a sweatshirt and jeans to a more formal occasion like prom homecoming or even a wedding and it’s pretty easy to do we’re going to start off by making a bump and you’re going to start off by brushing your hair on top of your head straight back and then sectioning off the hair from your temples back on either side then that’s going to be our section that we’re creating the bump with so you’re going to go ahead and take that hair out and flip it over so it’s all in your face then take small sections and just get a little bit of teasing to each section you can do bigger or smaller just depending on your taste and then once you have that done you’re going to throw everything back and then smooth it out so you don’t see any of the teasing from the top then you’re going to gather it together in the back and use some bobby pins to go ahead and secure it in place and now we’re going to move on to the braids the braids are made from small sections of hair that are taken about an inch to two inches behind your ear now you can do this with very small braids and create little micro braids or you can go a little bigger just make sure to take your section accordingly whether you want large or small I decided to also add in a one clip extension weft to add some highlight to this area because it’s a little bit darker and I was afraid I wouldn’t show up as much as.

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I wanted it to I have a DIY illness although the weft that I’m using today is from my Bellamy bellisima set anyway once you have your section you’re just going to braid the hair all the way down and once you’ve reached the end you can secure it with a clip a bobby pin or an elastic just depending on your preference then you do the same thing on the other side so take your section from an inch or two behind your ear clipping your weft if you want to use one and then bring it all the way down again you really don’t have to use a weft for this it’s just something that I chose to do to add a little bit of highlight into my hair then all you have to do is pin them and to do that you just cross one braid over your head and pin it on the other side using one or two bobby pins to hold it in place and then do the same thing with the other braid you could also use a snap clip if you feel that would be easier and now for the ponytail first we have to hide all the pins that we’ve done so take all the hair from over your ears and sweep it straight back then sweep it over the bobby pins in the back and pin it in place and you can see that it covers everything nicely then do the same thing on the other side you can always comb it if you find that adds more smoothness to the hair and of course pin it in place again then you’re just going to collect everything together into a ponytail either right on top up or right below the bobby pins and secure it with an elastic then if you want to leave it as just a ponytail you can always wrap the hair around the base and pin it into the base for an extra little effect.

And that’s it if you want to just do the ponytail version of this hairstyle now if you want to go on and do the button it’s really easy the way I did it was to split my hair in half and then braid each section then once each side was braided I pulled it apart really big so that it was super voluminous and then you’ll see how I wrap them together but you could always do this with a good normal ballerina style bun or your favorite messy bun of choice you could get as creative with this bun as you want because it will look up with a lot of things this is just what I ended up doing so you can see here I’m braiding that second half of the hair and then securing it with a little a stick and pulling it apart to make it extra voluminous then I went to wrap the first one right around the base of the ponytail so you can see it’s just creating that first little donut right there around the elastic and then I’m going to pin that in place I used about 3 to 4 bobby pins to hold that in place you just use as many as you need to make it feel secure then you’re going to wrap the other braids right around the outside of that first one so you can see it adds some more volume and some more messiness and a little bit of height to the bun I think as well so you’re just going to go around and pin it all in then of course pin down any flyaways that you have as well and you’re all done I love this hairstyle especially with the bun I think it’s great for a formal event or even just like a casual day where you want to have amazing hair so anyway guys I hope you love this and I’ll see you in my next post love you very much mwah bye.

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