Quick Braided Updo from Little J on Gossip Girl

Hey girls Abbey here today we’re doing our second little J inspired hairstyle and this one is this braided updo it would be much much helped if I had here as long as she does which is usually not a problem I have but this tutorial is anyway um you know she had her like three foot long hair and this would be really fun to do on here that length but I kind of made do with the hair link that I have and I think it’s really pretty it’s just braided and fun I think it’s a great one for a formal updo kind of like an edgy formal updo hairstyle or it’s great for just like around during the fall and the winter I think it’s gonna be really pretty. So I hope you guys like it umm yeah it’s gonna look a little different on me than it did on her just because she had. So much hair that she could have a lot more looseness up here and she could have a little bit more volume going on in this area than I can cuz I had to pull everything pretty tight to make the hairstyle work.

Quick Braided Updo from Little J on Gossip Girl Photo Gallery

Sorry that it looks different umm if you have shorter hair I would say just keep it instead of because what I did was I kept it down below where the my hair ends. So a lot of like the knot and stuff like that it’s down here if you have shorter hair I would just do the same braids but pull it up here a little bit because your hair is probably long enough to make it up here just not to hang out down here does that make sense yeah okay I hope that is helpful I hope you guys loved this tutorial and I can’t wait to see you next week wha-hey okay you’re gonna start off by parting your hair diagonally across the back and just pull both sides over each shoulder and they’re gonna start on one side and just pull a inch section from the front spl it into three and then just braid a couple times normally there and then you’re going to do kind of a French braid where you only incorporate hair from the top. So you’re gonna incorporate hair when you braid from the top and then you’re just gonna braid over normally on the bottom and then incorporate hair from the top and then incorporate hair normal are ya just sprayed normally from the bottom and you’re gonna do that across that whole section of hair until you get to the end of that then you can take all the extra hair that you have left over and just work that in to the French braid just like you would and you’re gonna work that one on the bottom and then just braid the rest normally okay then you’re gonna repeat the same thing on the next side now because we parted the hair diagonally This actually a little bit smaller than the other this style is a tiny tiny bit lopsided which I likes but if you don’t want it that way you can always just part it right down the middle and it’ll just be fine but you’re still just going to incorporate from the top and then braid the rest normally and then if you have long hair and you want to seal it off.

So it doesn’t look like you have a band you can take a bobby pin and you can just pin up through the middle of the braid now you kind of have to move it around a little bit because the bobby pin will always want to stick out kind of like it did right there but just move it around until you can get it to where it’s nicely hidden in the middle of your braid and then it just looks like your braids just kind of holding itself together then you’re gonna take the two braids and you’re gonna tie them in a half knot and just pull them tight and if you have really long hair you can even knot them another time but if not just the single knot is fine and then you’re just gonna pin that in place and if you want you can leave those ends hanging free or you can pin them up I like to hang you for you but if you want you can just pin them out of the way and you’re done you.

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