Quick Easy Back-to-School Hairstyles for Medium Long Hair Tutorial

Hey guys, in this post I’ll be showing you a few quick and easy hairstyles for back-to-school these hairstyles require no heat and no hairspray and they’re definitely more fun to wear than your typical ponytail or buns.

So let us begin to create the headband grab a chunk of hair at the bottom and divide it into two equal sections then you want to take the right strand place it over the left end with six clockwise then do the same thing take the right strand place it over the left and twist it clockwise and this is the method I prefer. But, if you want to you can also twist both strands clockwise and then wrap them together counterclockwise this will prevent the twist from unraveling proceed by doing the exact same thing to the other side create a twist and tie it off with an elastic band wrap the twist over the top of your head and pin it down with bobby pins to secure the headbands you want to use two bobby pins on each side I like to cross them over to form an X tree you can definitely leave your hair at this or you can dress it up with a few hair accessories from dresses to jeans these flower Bandini clips from CMC at a cute floral touch to any outfit and become in many different sizes and colors they can be found in most drug stores and mass-market retailers to find out more about these flowers and Dinis you can visit the scud-c website or Facebook page anyways they are really easy to use all you have to do is stick the comb part into your hair bend and snap you can add more, if you want to.

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But I think the simplicity of one gives it a nice touch this one is great for people with layered hair what you want to do is start twisting your hair on one side and you want to twist it all the way around the back of your head until you reach the other side when you have that done you want to hold the twist in one hand and twist the front of your hair with the other hand after you twist all your hair into a ponytail grab a hair tie and tie it in place make a hole above the hair tie and with the ponytail right through it simply tuck on your hair to add a little bit of volume and to accessorize your hair take your Benzini comb slide it through your hair bend and snap. So here’s a fun twist on the regular side ponytail to start the soft bun you want to tie your hair into a high ponytail find a self as close to your hair color and flip it inside out grab a pair of scissors and cut the tip of the sock where your toes would go then flip this off the opposite way and start rolling it up when you’re done you should end up with a doughnut shape like this, now take your doughnut and slide your ponytail through the hole move your doughnut up and wrap the tip of your ponytail around it now you want to use the same motion that you are using to roll your sock down. But this time you’re rolling down your hair with it. So keep rolling until you reach the base of your ponytail and once you do you’ll find that the bun is really secure and you don’t need bobby pins at all and to finish this look off. I’m going to stick a flower Bandini right on the side and there you have it a sock bun updo and last.

But not least we have the fancy side braid part the top half of your hair on one side and divide it into three equal sections. So we’re going to start off by doing a regular braid take the right strand place it over the middle then take the left strand place it over the middle then pick up some hair below the braid incorporate it with the right strand place it over the middle then cross the left strand right over once again pick up some hair and below the braid incorporate it with the right strand place it over the middle then cross the left one over now before you even start the braid I forgot to mention that you should gather your hair all to one side. Because you don’t want any loose strands. So continue to pick up chunks of hair until you have nothing left when you’re done take an elastic band and tie off your braids then grab your floribandini clip and since this is the last time see it with me bend and snap. So this is the completed look it’s definitely different than your typical side braid anyways I hope you guys enjoyed all these hairstyles let me know which one was your favorite in the comments below. And I’ll talk to you later bye comment to be notified of new posts and don’t forget to check out my other hair tutorials.

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