Quick Easy Summer Updo for Weddings or Everyday

Hey girls Abbey here with another wedding inspired hairstyle now this one is inspired by all the really messy up dudes I’ve been seeing on Pinterest for brides it seems to be a big trend now which is fantastic for all the do-it-yourself rides out there that are gonna do your own hair I think going messy is really the way to go this makes it. So much easier on you on your big day. So I think This really great for like a bride that’s doing their own hair and it’s really you know you can throw it together really quickly and be done and I’ll have to worry about that on your big day but also it’s good for bridesmaids or if you’re attending a wedding. So lots of different things you can do with that.

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I hope you guys like this and I will check back with you next week with more tutorials hope you guys like it I will see you next post well bye first we’re going to bump it now I already had some volume in my hair. So I just pulled it off to the back and pushed it up and pinned it but if you need you can tease it in sections like I do in basically every other tutorial um next up is to not at once basically you’re going to take half of your hair that’s left hanging down remove the other half get it out of the way and then split that one that we’re working with in half and we’re basically gonna tie little half knots all the way down the hair now don’t get scared your hair. So I’ll gonna get stuck in these knots it’s about like unraveling a braid when you go to pull these out of your hair it’s about as easy as that. So no worries all you’re just gonna do is tie those little half knots all the way down your hair until all your hair is incorporated into that and it really is a lot like braiding it’s about the same level of difficulty and you know it creates a kind of similar interesting effect and you can go ahead and pin those in a place and you can see that.

I ended up leaving my ends down a little bit um I ended up putting them back underneath the knots to make it a little bit neater but if you want a Messier you can always leave those hanging down that one is entirely up to you depending on how messy you want this little thing to be last step is to not at twice make sure you pull your hair back over your ears as you like it. So either over your ears or behind your ears whatever you like and then go ahead and that and little half thoughts all the way down your hair and what I like about doing This that it creates a really interesting shape it’s kind of like a cool effect that you get when you do a braided bun but it’s different because it’s not a braid you’ve got these knots. So it’s an interesting shape that nobody’s really seen before and if you were to take each and every one of these little tiny things and place them it would take forever but doing it in knots makes it goes really quickly and really easily. So then you just pin it into place and you’re done you’ve got your little -minute hairstyle this literally takes me ten minutes to do and you don’t have to be going to a wedding to do this I mean I think it’s beautiful with any kind of like summer dress or pretty outfit that you have going on is really nice and easy and quick if you want to make it a little bit more formal you can always throw in like a little crystal hair pin like I did and I actually have no idea where I was from I cut it for a long time. So that’s it guys I hope you liked it tweet me or Facebook me pictures if you try it out and here’s some more posts for you to check out if you want I uploaded another wedding here since our tutorial earlier this week. So you can check that out I have some natural beachy waves Anna Kate metals an updo which I think would both complement the style very well. So I hope you guys like this I will see my next post bye.

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