Quick Easy Wear Anywhere Side Bun

Hey Everyone candy here with this ridiculously easy side one that can be worn with anything from everyday to with a little black dress maybe with like work stuff to a little bit nicer it can go anywhere and it’s really easy. So let’s go ahead and get started first of all let’s talk about texture I would recommend this I’ll like second day curled hair because it will look really great with that texture but it also looked good on curly or straight hair it really doesn’t matter I can do anything you want now we’re gonna start out by going a couple inches back from the hairline and creating a diagonal part and This just to kind of part the hair out. So that we can hide our bobby pins.

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So when clip that out of the way and then take the hair that’s from the front and either twist it back or braid it back I ended up rating because I mean honestly that’s what I do but you can twist it if you’re more comfortable with that or if you think it looks better and go ahead and pull the braid apart if you do that to give it a little bit more relaxed feel and I’ll gonna use a snap clip instead of bobby pins cuz it holds better and it’s a little bit easier to use then I’ll dropping the hair down and that portion of the hairstyle is done I’ll gonna give you guys two options for the bun the first one is the messy bun you want to take your hand and kind of make a bear claw and sweep your hair over to the side that your hair is parted on its gonna create a nice PC kind of relaxed look on the hair that’s pulled over to the side then gather the rest of your hair together into a side ponytail and use your free hand to kind of loosen up the hair on top. So that it looks a little bit more looser and natural and just kind of beachy careless looking then wrap the hair around your hand. So that it creates a loop and it’s okay if you only have one loop or if you have to go around multiple times like I do either way is gonna work for this method then use an elastic to secure the hair at the very base.

So that you have always kind of secured together then you’re going to go ahead and pull it apart to make it kind of nice and messy then just pick that up and place it against your head and pin it into place again you don’t have to have super long hair for this you can do this even if your hair only goes around in one little loop once you have that all pinned you’re done now if you want to do a more a neat bun you want to go ahead and pull your hair over just like we did for the messy bun but instead of wrapping it up you’re just going to wrap it around itself and create a bun shape without twisting it that way it still looks a little bit more natural but it’s also cleaner than if you were to make like a proper messy bun then you just want to pin it in place and you’re all done you got your really quick go to side button like I said This a great way to disguise second-date curls and you can wear it with anything. So I hope you guys like this I’ll see you in my next post.

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