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Do you feel that you should make some changes? Perhaps you should train harder or select a more difficult activity. Or maybe you should select an activity with less intensity.

One Exercise graduate named Paul G. wanted to get into shape, so he went out and ran several times a week. But Paul, who was 40 years old, could only run about a mile, and that was in about eight minutes. His younger friends used to tease him that they could walk a mile faster than that. And they could!

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Worst of all, Paul could not detect any progress. After three years of training, he still could seldom run much farther than a mile. And his time did not improve. And when he checked his pulse, his resting heart rate still remained at about 72 beats per minute.

After Paul learned the Exercise Method, he decided to use the alpha level to see if he could find anything that might help him improve his condition.

At his level, Paul realized that he was running almost as hard as he could and that he could not seem to slow down and pace himself. Thus, he was exhausting himself.

He wondered, while at his level, if a less intense activity might be better for him So he bought a bicycle.

As a youngster, Paul had loved riding a bicycle. As a middle-aged adult, he liked the idea that with the bicycle he could exercise while sitting down.

This thought made him feel a little guilty, like maybe he wasn’t doing enough, but his Exercise lecturer had advised him to go ahead and act on the idea he got at his level and see what kind of results it brought him

The results were spectacular. Paul would ride the bike for about 45 minutes at a time, much longer than he had been running. His pulse rate immediately after riding the bike was not going as high as when he had run.

But after a month of riding the bike three or four times a week, his resting heart rate had dropped from 74 beats per minute to an outstanding 62 beats per minute!

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