Quick Hairstyle for Back to School or School pictures

Hey girls Abbey here our hair tutorial today is one that I think is great because it works very well for back-to-school because number one it’s easy number two it’s very customizable to your own style. So you can change your little headband out and work on the texture of your hair whether you want it to be curled or straight go with your natural texture add a little bit to the texture whatever you want to do you can do that and it’s really easy. So you don’t have to wake up super early in the morning to do your hair which is always a plus also.

Quick Hairstyle for Back to School or School pictures Photo Gallery

I think it’s a really good picture day hairstyle because it’s really pretty from the front but it’s also pretty on a as well. So when you’re walking around during the rest of the day you know your hair still looks good not just from the one angle. So I hope you guys like this and I will see you in my next tutorial well bye begin by placing your headband now if you need to you can go ahead and pin behind each ear for some added stability if your headband tends to move around throughout the day or just slip and slide you can go ahead and pin it. So you hold it in place step one is to go ahead and twist your hair up toward that headband and pin it in place as you go now if you want an even easier option you can take that hair from the right in just a big section and wrap it around the headband and that way it’s gonna stay really well and you don’t have to worry. So much about twisting and pinning I like the whole twisting and pinning thing because it gives me a lot of control over where my hair is going but if you prefer an easier route you can always go with the technique that I use in my previous post where you take a section of hair and wrap it around the headband.

I’ll make sure to link that in the downbar. So you can check that out now you’re gonna take three sections of hair and braid them together you can choose those sections of hair based on your preference you can see that I took a piece from the twist a piece from just over my ear and then that giant chunk of hair from the front that used to be my bangs and I’ll gonna go ahead and braid all the way down that you can go ahead and move that around depending on your bangs though if you have things like hanging down or you have really short bangs just don’t worry about including them including a different piece of hair you can play around with it and see what looks best on you once you finish your braid position it. So that you have one piece out to the side one down the middle and another one on the other side then you’re gonna hold the two with one hand and one with the other and pull up the braid and that way it kind of scrunches the braid up and then what you’re gonna do is slide it back down only a little bit you can’t slide it back down all the way or you’ll undo it only slide it back down a couple of inches and it create – snake braid which I think is a really cool look with this hairstyle but if you wanted to try a fishtail braid or a regular braid or a four strand braid anything like that you could do that as well the snake braid is just my favorite and that is it’s as easy as twists and braids and you’re done I hope you guys like this and I hope you try it out make sure to send me pictures if you do because it always makes my day when I see that here’s some more posts for you to check out I have some really easy hairstyles here. So it goes along well with the one that I just did hope you guys check those out and I’ll see you in my next post bye.

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