Quick Hairstyles for Hats, Scarves,, Cold Weather

New Years that they were going to tackle some winter hairstyles because obviously it’s getting cold, I with the cold weather comes the scarves & jackets, hats, it can be hard to figure out here cells that go well with all that, look cute without sacrificing warm.

I wanted to come up with some of those things you can still wear, look cute at the same time I think I accomplished it so let’s get it to Your forehead, tuck it behind your ear you can secure it with a couple bobby pins behind your ear for some secure hold for long hair on the last rotation medium length hair you should stick with the classic ponytail, it will look really cute with this one, for the final touch you can wrap the ends around your elastic, Bobby place, there you go this is incredibly easy but the side part gives its tile, this will be great with the braids, Newsboy caps that are dominating fall in Winter, now for something braided.

Quick Hairstyles for Hats, Scarves,, Cold Weather Photo Gallery

Here, then just behind the ear obviously as I’m going I’m pulling the bridge apart but if you’re going to be break the weather maybe skip this that the weather will definitely rub them up for you now bring everything together for your side braid I opted for a fishtail braid but if you have one normal braids when you have a couple of inches left to go just type it off with an elastic.

On, there purposely to shovel so when you take the hat off, he had hair looks like it’s all perfect ear muffs or headbands shout out to my girls with bangs I’m going to be adding in some clip-in bangs for this look just for y’all but if you don’t have bangs you can check out my how to fake bangs in your hair post all the hair up into a high ponytail, now you’re going to create your bun you’re going to take the hair, tie it into a knot, then wrap the ends around the base, put it in place.

Can pull it apart this is obviously really easy hairstyle, a great accessory is all you need, finally ate something very braided behind the braids once you reach your ear gather all the hair on that side of your head into the braids, finish my breathing normally, securing with an elastic.

, then bringing the remaining here, white dress normally now pull everything apart especially that lace braid at the front, it was like kind of like the style at this point so you could stop here but I’m going to finish my rapping break number one across the back of my head, Penny, placed be sure to text doesn’t understand they hide nicely then I’m going to wrap the last braid over, put that in place as well In the front but you can also get a peek of it under the Hat it also brings Festival Vibes to kind of a cold winter day, that’s it.

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