Quick Knotted Braid Hairstyle

Our braided hairstyle this week and this one looks much more complicated than it is it’s actually quite simple and you can wear with the ponytail or a bun or with your hair down. So let’s go ahead and jump into it you’re gonna start out by taking a piece of hair a couple inches back from the hairline and you’re just going to braid it normally until you reach the end of the hair once you reach the end of the hair you’re just going to secure it with a clip or a bobby pin or an elastic to hold your place then take the remaining hair between the hairline and the braid and spl it in two we’re gonna work with that middle section first you’re going to split that section in two and we’re going to do a knotted braid.

Quick Knotted Braid Hairstyle Photo Gallery

And all you have to do to do that is to tie a half knot in your hair and then just tighten it up until you kind of create a little circle right at the root like that and then when they repeat that and the only thing that you have to remember here is to keep doing the half knot the exact same way every time and then just stop at the width that you want to have between your two knots you want to make sure that that widThis fairly even and if you need to adjust that you can do that just like I’ll doing here and you just continue until you reach the end of your hair and then once you reach the end of it you can go ahead and secure it with a clip or an elastic or something just to hold your place until we are ready to pin it then go ahead and braid the remaining section all the way down if you have Sai bangs that you would prefer to leave out just do this.

Section a couple inches back from where I started mine and leave your bangs out and do this with the hair that’s just behind those side bangs then go ahead and separate your hair from where you want to pin it up and clip that out of the way and then you’re going to take your hair back just like. So with the braids kind of sandwich in your knotted braid and then you can either use a snap clip or bobby pins to secure that in place underneath the hair that we pinned up then let the hair down and you can see that it covers up our clips and you’re all done for having your hair down then you could always throw it into a ponytail or a bun if you wanted to wear it up with your braids as well but that’s it I hope you guys have enjoyed this and I’ll see you my next post Bye.

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