Quick Messy Bun

Hey Everyone. So day three of our Messi perfectly imperfect hairstyles This the simplest of all of them and I figured it was best because it’s Wednesday which is just that day when you’re always. So tired and you’re just like I do not even care. So here’s a hairstyle for that kind of the day where you can just throw it up and go and it’s nice and out of your face and out of your way all day long hope you like it and be sure to check back tomorrow for our next hairstyle mom bye start by separating out one part of your hair and then secure the rest into a high ponytail however high you want your bun to be then we’re gonna make a nice messy looking bun by twisting the air very loosely as you wrap it around into a bun now.

Quick Messy Bun Photo Gallery

I’ll give a nice voluminous messy look without getting a lot of craziness that you get from making a messy bun with the hair scrunchie and then you can pin it into place on me this lasts a lot better they’re trying to do it with the scrunchie. So This my preferred method then you’re gonna braid the section that we left out you want to braid nice and loosely.

So that you don’t end up with like a really firm looking hair. So again This supposed to be messy and relaxed looking and then just secure with the band and loosen it up if you need to and then you’re gonna wrap the braid around the bun now your hair might not be long enough to get all the way around just wrap it however you see fit I think it’ll be a cook a cool look even if it doesn’t go all the way around and then pin that into place and you’re done you’ve got your hair all up and nice it out of the way for your kind of chill day. So here the rest of the styles in our series. So far I’ve uploaded days &. So be sure to check those out and check back tomorrow for day I’ll see you guys tomorrow bye.

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