Quick Rocker Twist for Your Hair

Hey girls Abbey here. So are up dude this week is a little bit edgier than what I usually do I do the nice cute sweet pretty bohemian Styles often and I just wanted to do something a little different this time still not too edgy it’s still totally wearable for the everyday girl but I just like it cuz it’s a little bit different and what I love about it is that it’s really easy I was planning for this to be super hard and take like steps and then I realized I could do it in two. So I hope you guys like this it’s really easy and um let me know if you like me branching out every now and then and just doing something a little bit different because it’s fun for me. So if you guys like it.

Quick Rocker Twist for Your Hair Photo Gallery

I’ll definitely do it again but that’s it I hope you guys like it and I will see you my next post la bye first thing you’re gonna do is separate the hair in front of your ears on either side of the head we’re gonna work with the back section first. So go ahead and separate the front section out of the way. So that you don’t have to worry about it unless you’ve got that out of the way what you’re gonna do is gather all of the rest of your hair to the nape of your neck and twist it once or twice once you’ve gotten it twisted once or twice you’re gonna go ahead and start pulling that hair up to the top of the head and continue twisting and what that does is it creates a little finished twist it’s a really quick really fast way to make one you’re just gonna continue twisting in that same direction that you are and use your hand to guide the hair that comes around it as you’ll see fit but really if you just continue twisting it ought to make.

A nice pretty little twist on its own then go ahead and pin it in place use multiple bobby pins and because that hair is nice and tightly twisted it off to stay really well then we’re gonna move on to the front you’re gonna let that hair down and you’re gonna gather all the hair together including the extra hair from the back that you saw kind of hanging there just go ahead and comb it all up and get out all nice and even as you would like it to look and then we’re gonna repeat the same thing we did in the back you’re gonna go ahead and twist once or twice and then you’re gonna start pulling it towards the back of the head this time and you’re gonna align the hair along the first twist that we did you can push forward to create some volume a little faux Papa door there if you like and then you’re gonna continue twisting that hair and aligned it along that first twist if your hair is shorter you can just tuck it underneath the twist and pin it in place for me my hair made it all the way down to the bottom of the twist and then I chucked it in the end then go ahead and pin it in place and then you can brush up your little pompadour if you like I like to mine to be nice and smooth out to PC then if you have any side areas just go ahead and pick them up and pin them in place underneath the twist that way you don’t see them and once that Sun you’re done hope you like it.

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