Quick Side Hairstyle

Hey everyone Abbey here. So it’s day four of our perfectly imperfect hairstyles and this one we have another little thing to the side I think this one’s kind of cool kind of different and it could be cool on straight hair or curly hair and it can be kind of done however you want if you want it a little higher or a little lower it’s all very customizable. So if you want it kind of draping down here just pin it farther down if you want it draping up here you can pull it further up. So it’s really nice and customizable that way too whatever your feeling for today I hope you guys like it I’ll gonna be back tomorrow with one more hairstyle and that will be the end of our little um daily upload but.

Quick Side Hairstyle Photo Gallery

I hope you hopefully you guys have liked this. So far and I will see you tomorrow wha bye okay start by separating off one-third of your hair from one side and then take the hair that’s on the bigger side and twist it into a bun but only twist about one rotation around. So you should have some ends hanging down and then go ahead and pin that into place until it feels like it’s gonna stay really well I like to pin it for points in the bun and then additionally as I need then we’re gonna take some pieces from the other side and cover up the little bun. So take one piece and this piece is gonna go over the top. So I want you to put this at the highest point that you want the hairstyle to be wherever you want the top of your little side thing to be that’s where you should put this piece of hair then the next piece of hair you’re gonna take.

I actually made a little loop over the bun part of the reason to do that was to hide the bun and part of the reason to do that was to add some dimension to this style. So make just a little loop like that and then pin that into the bun and I should interlock with the pins you already did to hold it really well then take that last piece of hair you’re gonna see that I’ll gonna put it where I want it kind of arrange the hair and then twist that around my finger to make a little loop and then pin that loop into the bun that way you’ll never see the pins and it looks like the hair is just effortlessly flowing over to the side and that’s it you’ve got your nice little sideways style I think it’s really cool and interesting it’s different I think I’ve seen before. So these are the other styles in our series we have day one day two and day three. So be sure to go check those out and come back tomorrow for day five see you guys tomorrow bye you.

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