Quick Side Updo for Prom or Weddings

With this relatively easy quick and easy updo for prom or a wedding or any formal event that you might have it is really pretty and pretty easy to do. So let’s just go ahead and get into it first of all as with all updos I like to section first and This very easy sectioning you’re just going to do a side part or you could we just work with the middle part if you want and then section the hair from your ears forward and just clip that out of the way and that’s really all you have to do you can do these sections larger if you want to have more hair that’s curled going back or you can do less if you want less hair going back it’s up to you then we’re going to move on to the bun and This also very easy you’re going to pull your hair over into a side dish ponytail and kind of loosen the top just.

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So it doesn’t look too tight then secure it with a hair band and This optional but if you want to you can curl the ponytail and the reason that I did This because my hair is naturally straight and I find was a more messy kind of casual looking bun it’s really nice to have a little bit of bend to the hair. So if you have a natural wave or natural curl you don’t need to curl your hair at all and if you have straight hair and you don’t really care that’s totally fine you can totally skip this step I just wanted to let you guys know that I did it and the reason that I did it is because I like how my hair looks when it’s curled before it’s put into a bun. So with all that said you’re going to go ahead and wrap your hair into a bun and wrap it fairly loosely without twisting it a whole lot. So that it looks really nice and natural and then you’re just going to pin it in place and that is it for this step like I told you it’s really simple and now we’re going to prepare the front for what we’re doing next. So you’re basically going to make three curls on each side of your face. So I’ll wrapping my hair around a three-quarter inch iron and then letting the curl go and then optionally you can curl the hair back around two fingers and put it in place to cool the reason that.

I did This because you want those curls to really pop and be very three-dimensional against your head and that happens a lot better when they’re a lot stronger and that happens a lot more easily when you pin the curls to cool them. So that’s why I did that but if your hair takes a curl really easily you can just pop three curls in on each side and be done with it if your hair is a little harder to curl like mine then you should definitely pay. So I can cool once all the curls are done and cool to the touch you can go ahead and run your fingers through them This going to soften up the curl a lot and give it a much more natural look when it’s placed against the head it also does help a little bit with that kind of three-dimensional look because I find this helps the curls to pop just a little bit more than if you were to leave them in a ringlets form and now that the curls are all done we’re going to go ahead and pin them in place. So you’re going to start out on the right side of your head and take that top curl and then sweep it back. So that it’s right over the bun that we made. So it’ll be slightly off-center make sure that it’s a couple of inches above the bun and then pin it in place then on the other side we’re going to take the top curl now one thing you can do to make these curls pop is to separate that curl into and then twist the curls very loosely around each other it creates a little bit more pop and a little bit more interest to the style then you’re going to place that right underneath what we pin before and pin that in place and we’re going to keep doing that until we’re done with the hair.

So now I’ll taking the second curl and you can see I’ll wrapping it around itself again just to add a little bit more dimension and then you also want to be careful that you don’t pull back too tightly because you can just pull the curl out by doing that. So give it enough slack that the curls can really jump and dance across the hair of course you’re going to pin that in place and then move on to the second curl on the other side you want to make sure that you’re always placing these right underneath the section that we just did. So that we keep making a nice visual interest there and keep pinning back into itself. So you basically keep criss-crossing your bobby pins as you go this helps to hide them and create really secure pinning and now we’re going to take that last curl and you’re going to put it right on top of the button. So underneath everything else we did and right on top of the bun and then pin down and then to the bun. So that you hide the bobby pin that way it makes it really easy and hides all of your bobby pins then you take your very last section and pin that down and into the bun again. So now we have left is our finishing touches if your hair is a little shorter you might just have little curls that are hanging out on top of your bun and you can just leave those if your hair’s a little longer take the curls and arrange them on top of the bun however you like and then pin into the bun basically use the bun as your pin cushion to pin these curls however you want and you can do this as messily or as daintily as you like whatever fits your style the and then once you have all those pins in place guess what you’re done. So basically all you have to do is curl the front and pin pieces back and then that’s it and you could even make a messy bun at the bottom here if you wanted to go a little bit more bohemian or you could do a braided bun if you wanted to do that as well because I know a lot of you guys love braids. So anyway I hope you guys try this out make sure to send me pictures I would love to see and make sure to check out my previous post as well if you’re looking for some prom hair inspiration I love you guys I’ll see you my next post mwah bye.

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