Quick Simple Morning Routine Skincare Makeup and Outfit

Hey guys, I’m going to walk you through my quick morning routine. So this is going to cover my morning skincare regimen as well as my quick and simple makeup look. So without further ado let’s begin one of the first things that I do in the morning is brush my teeth.

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And I know that a lot of people like to do that after they eat. But for me I got to do it first. Because I love that minty fresh breath feeling and it really wakes me up next I would dampen my face with water to prepare it for the next step in my skincare routine the first step in my morning skincare routine is to cleanse my skin. Because it’s important to get rid of the dirt and grime that builds up over night. So i’m using the loreal paris hydro total 5 and this is the one for uneven skin tone this gel cleanser will gently remove impurities and it will also exfoliates dead skin cells now when I wash my face I’d like to focus on the areas that secrete the most oils such as my t-zone and my cheeks usually when people breakout is in those areas. Because the pores are larger and they tend to get clogged up. So keeping the pores nice and clean will prevent breakouts after I rinse my face and Pat it dry I would move on to step number two which is toning my skin.

And. I’m using the Hydra total 5 toner from the same line this particular toner will help to even out your skin tone. But I really like it. Because it balances the pH of your skin it keeps it moisturized and smooth and that prepares it for the next step of your skincare routine again I like to apply this on areas that get really oily. So that’s mainly my forehead and my nose and finally the last step in my morning skincare routine is to moisturize and protect my skin. So I use the Hydra total 5 Ultra even lotion this one claims to even out your skin tone and texture over time. But I really like it.

Because it contains SPF 20 which will protect your skin from the rays of the Sun and now the panic about it is that it’s oil-free and lightweight. So sweet, if you have normal to oily skin when it comes to SPF lotion I like to apply it liberally all over my face and neck to prevent photo aging and photo aging is basically premature aging of the skin that’s caused by repeated exposure to UVA rays that’s usually from the Sun. So this is the kind of makeup that I wear when. I’m pressed for time all I do is use a highlighting concealer and apply it underneath my eyes and on the bridge of my nose next I would apply my L’Oreal True Match powder all over my face and since I have motion underneath the powder will adhere to the lotion and give my skin a little bit of coverage if I want my brows to look really nice I would use a brow pencil brow powder and then I would carve it out with concealer to give it a nice shape. But when. I’m in a rush I usually just use a pencil and it does the job after my browse I would line my eyes with my favorite liquid eyeliner and then curl my lashes and apply mascara by the way if you’re curious about any of the products that I used I will list everything in the post description below next. I’m going to add some color to my face by applying some blush.

And. I’m using this one from L’Oreal called innocent flesh and to finish off the look. I’m going to use a nude color lip gloss after a quick outfit change I will go downstairs grab a bite to eat and then walk my dog. So I hope you guys enjoyed this post, if you did don’t forget to give it a thumbs up and let me know in the comments below what your more new routines are like thanks so much for reading. And I’ll talk to you later ciao comment to my blog to be notified of new posts to end up wicked – check out my previous tutorials.

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