Quick Slide-Up Braid Popular Hairstyles

And this is called the slide-up braid. To begin with, I just parted her hair on the left side. I did kind of a far over left side part. You can part it on either side, but I prefer the left. And then I sectioned off just a small section in the front of the hair. You can kind of see, we’ve created the section. And I’m just going to take that and I’m going to braid it. Just a regular braid. Nothing super fancy. Just loose. Remember that it needs to be loose. Because if you do it too tight, it has a hard time sliding up when you’re done. So just do a loose braid.

Quick Slide-Up Braid Popular Hairstyles Photo Gallery

You can do this on any length of hair, but obviously, on this particular hairdo, if you had longer hair, it slides up more so it looks a little better. Make sure I got that loose enough. When you get down to the bottom I have a tendency to always braid too tight when you get down to the bottom, hang on to the middle strand. And then you just push the rest of it up with your fingers until you’re all the way at the top. And then just slowly relax it a little bit so that that pattern the zig-zaggy look to it kind of appears. And then where it ends, I just take a rubber band and rubber band it. Brush the ends out. And there you go. You get a nice, little, fun, zigzag braid on side of their head. Sorry, babe.

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