Quick Summer Time Ponytail

Hey Everyone Abbey here with this really easy way to get a very beachy looking ponytail this will work on any hair texture and it’s perfect for the summer season. So let’s go ahead and get started we’re going to start by separating your hair in front of your ears and then separate a section from just behind your ear then do the same thing on the other side. So you want to have four sections that are left out one over each ear and one behind each ear then once you have all that separated we’re going to go ahead and work on getting everything else in the ponytail to do that you’re first going to start by brushing everything that’s not in one of those four sections backwards to give the illusion of more volume then bring the hair together and if you want to you can go ahead and bobby pin just a little bit This just if your hair tends to break in the back mine does and.

Quick Summer Time Ponytail Photo Gallery

So if you want to have this nice smooth look I always have two bobby pin my hair first that’s optional but what you do have to do is put your hair into a ponytail then we’re going to move on to kind of framing everything else. So to do that we’re going to start with one of your sections behind your ear what you’re going to do is take that and twist it just a couple of times then wrap it around the ponytail bring it right underneath the ponytail that we just made and then you’re going to pin up and into the ponytail then you’re going to repeat the same thing on the other side.

So taking the other section of hair this behind your ear give it a full twist wrap it around to the bottom of your ponytail and pin it up and in place then we’re going to move on to the front sections in front of your ears and do the exact same thing now if you have a hard time pinning all of your hair maybe it’s too thick or you have too much just take smaller sections and that will be a lot easier to pin and all I’ll doing literally is Bobby pinning straight up and into the ponytail. So there’s no fancy pinning going on I’ll just pinning straight up and what this does is it gives a lot of bulk to your ponytail. So makes your hair look a lot thicker as well as giving a great texture right above your ponytail give you that great beachy effortless look this summer I hope you guys tried this one out you can always send me pictures on any of my social media if you want to and use the hashtag Kaley Melissa. So I can find them and like them and comment back because I always love seeing what you guys do I will see you guys in my next post one.

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