Quick Tips 4 How to Get a Lump-Free Ponytail Hairstyle

Hi guys welcome to our blog my blog, I’m Sarah. And this is my daughter Gracie hi we’re going to do a quick tip, I’m putting long hair into a ponytail without having the lumps making the head of smooth right after this you welcome back.

Quick Tips 4 How to Get a Lump-Free Ponytail Hairstyle Photo Gallery

So first off we’re going to put the last band or pair tied on whatever hand you’re going to put the ponytail in. I’m a lefty. I’m going to put it on my left hand which is, I’m going to call the control hand.

And the one that doesn’t have it of hair tied this is called the free hand okay. So here we go, I’m going to put some gel on in her hair just two more flyaways. And to make her hair look as smooth.

And looking kind of start brushing her hair down get all the knots then, I’m going to brush your hair up into a ponytail with the brush here. So now, I’m going to go take a comb or rat tail comb you can use the other comb if you want, I prefer the rat tail because it’s a lot a lot more tighter comb tighter spaces. I’m going to comb her hair all the way around her head to make her hair look smooth as possible when you get to the desired smoothness you’re going to go.

And take the control hand. And hold the ponytail okay you’re going to take your free hand. And pull the hair tie out.

And then you’re going to take the free hand. And pull the tail right through the hairband okay then you’re going to twist it then do the same by pulling the hair through. And then twisting it now you can pull your hair through without having all the hairs pop out if you can try to do it one more time if you can pull it through just still really easy pull through.

And there you have that smooth. And no lump hair we hope you guys enjoyed this quick tip if you’re new to our Blog please comment. So you don’t miss any of our tutorials if you like this tutorial please give a thumbs up you guys have any questions just let us know in the comments below.

And until then learn it do it. And teach you to others bye guys.

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