Quick Tips – Hiding Hair Band With Your Hair Using The Topsy Tail Hairstyles

Hi, I’m Kari from learn duty chair styles.

And this is my daughter Gracie hi everybody we’re going to show you a quick tip for making your ponytails look a little more natural without bobby pins by using a Topsy tail you can get this at Walmart where, I got it from or you can go to a little beauty salon store. And you can buy that but this is the smaller version. So here let’s get started, I’m going to start off with a hair wet, I already put it in a ponytail.

Quick Tips – Hiding Hair Band With Your Hair Using The Topsy Tail Hairstyles Photo Gallery

And you’re going to take a slice up her hair at the bottom about this much okay you’re going to take this top to tail put it right in the middle right inside big elastic band right there right underneath it. So that this will go through okay. And then you’ll take the Strand smooth it out wrap it around Pepa Delhomme, I do about two to three times depends just a heigl acid man can’t do it one more time.

And just smooth out the strand coming out okay. So what you’ll do is take this strand the left over put it right in behind the loop of the Topsy tail. And go right in the Topsy tail pull it through.

And you’ll see a tail part of the Topsy tail what you’ll do is you’re going to pull this through. And, I’ll take their the tale that came through just tighten it up comment down. So after you’re done you can create your ponytail the way you like it.

And once you’re all done this will look. So pretty you don’t have that elastic band showing you’ll just have that nice elegant looking natural log to the ponytail. I hope you enjoyed this tutorial.

And we will see you next time on our new teacher styles thank you for reading bye.

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