Quick Tips on Hook Holders Hairstyles

Hi everyone, I’m Sarah from learn boutique hairstyles.

And this is my daughter Gracie hi everyone today we’re going to show you how to use the hook holders which is right here we’re going to use this to put long hair into an easy ponytail. And you can get this at amazon.com I’ve watered that Amazon.

Quick Tips on Hook Holders Hairstyles Photo Gallery

And it comes in six in a package for a few bucks. I will show you how to use it this okay just calm your hair smooth take the hook right here this little hook right here. And you just hook it right into any strand of the hair hold it with your pinky now you’re going to wrap this around.

And you hold it with the palm of your hand. And then you grab the other end you twist it all around. And again you hold it.

And twist it all the way until you can’t do it anymore. And you hook it as far as you can. And then you just hook it right underneath sneak right there.

And there you have the ponytail. It’s So easy. And you won’t have these little hip hairs pulling through when you put it in this kind of elastic band for long hair because, I always tend to UM have when, I do use this whoops moves it when, I do use this.

And I try to pull her hair through sometimes the little hairs pull out. And it. And then it’s hard to comb it nice.

And smooth. I hope this helped you guys it’s a very good product too. So we’ll see you next weekend thank you for reading our tutorial have a good day bye you.

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