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Soul moments are moments that move you, or touch you deeply and provide an experience of awe or reverence that is hard to describe in words but is felt in a meaningful way. Some examples of soul moments are:

Witnessing the birth of an animal or human.

Staring into someone’s eyes for more than 30 seconds.

Singing or chanting music with moving or uplifting messages.

Sitting quietly in a forest, or watching a magnificent waterfall.

Gazing at the moon or planets, especially through a telescope.

Watching the snow falling in the mountains.

Lighting candles and praying with others.

Keeping track of soul moments will help you turn your attention to the awe of life, and is important to set as a goal, because there are so many other things that demand your attention on a daily basis. Remember it is what you pay attention to that shapes where your energy goes and the quality of your life.


Take a week to seek out and pay attention to soul moments. Write them down and add a few sentences of why it was a soul moment and your experience of it.

We have come to the end of the principle on paying attention. Everything, in one way or another, has been about mindfulness, a different way of paying attention to your self and the world around you. When you can develop a mindful presence, you can distinguish the difference between this presence and your fearful thoughts or response patterns. When you are in touch with this presence, you can more readily separate it from your Eating Disorder Self. You can see you are not your Eating Disorder Self and in fact are far more powerful than that. This presence will put your Eating Disorder Self out of a job.

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