Rah Ali Talks Fashion & Friendship With Nicki Minaj

I’m doing well in yourself great are you enjoying Fashion Week I love Fashion Week amazing thank you okay. So since, it’s fashion week we’re asking everyone what is your biggest fashion splurge over the years what does my god definitely my handbags oh god how much is too much when it comes to our handbag I don’t think that there’s such thing as too much. Because your shoes, and your bags are things. That you can pull out of your closet for years, and years, and years, it’s not a trendy thing you know what I mean. So, it’s an investment piece, it’s like property. Yeah yes having a lot of property exactly keep telling yourself that okay this sentence for me okay I have the most blank in my closet I have the most shoes in my closet. I love a girl with a good shoe leave you need some shoes you call me, and I got you okay all right okay, and what has been your biggest fashion regret over the years oh my god definitely doing the candy corn here a couple of years ago it was. So wrong it was just. So wrong I’m all about a solid color now for me I like it on other people. But it doesn’t work for me it kind of just makes you look crazy. But what can we expect from you this year um I got an amazing shoe line maxi dress line with my partner friend, and love Brooke Bailey part two of my book is king in the 8th, and I’m a little TV you are crushing it thank you and. So are you you look amazing thank you, and obviously would it be a complete interview I didn’t ask you about Nikki you’re her BFF how is she doing post success of Queen killing it check her Instagram doing what she does best the Queen album is out there that supportive friend absolutely.

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