Rapid attenuation ways

Rapid attenuation ways

Follow the label. One way to keep your portions small is to follow the measurements given in the recipes. If the recipe is for four people, do not eat all of them. Divide the food you cooked four times and eat one quad. Lift the rest to the fridge to eat later. Lift up immediately to eat more. Europeans are often amazed by the portion sizes of Americans.

Whether it is meat, pastries, or wine, our perceptions of quantity to eat will begin to become rather blurry today. Therefore, when you cook at home, follow the tariff and eat only one person for the meal. Notice what the amount is for one person. If you go into a discipline like this, you know how much of your food on your plate you need to eat when you go to a restaurant that serves large portions.

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Apply three bite rules. Another funny day is that we do not feel guilty about the cats we eat. You feel like a kurevening dresses or a slice of cake and immediately afterwards you have made yourself a very wrong thing. Against whom? For what reason? Moments of pampering should result in feeling pampered. Feeling guilty kills all the taste and it ruins the pleasure you get from a slice of cake.

This kind of food is not good for anyone to eat every day, but when it comes to a place, it means to eat food from such foods. If you follow the other nine rules I’ve been talking about here, you are not always fed by constantly eating sugary foods. But if you meet a really special occasion, apply the three-mouth rule, such as a birthday cake, kurevening dresses made by someone who loves you. The first three places of a meal are the most delicious. Eat three bites and stop. Was not it great? Do not let regret. There is no need.

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