Hi everyone, i’m Justine On the first Monday in May every year, the A league of fashion, music, and Hollywood, meet at the Metropolitan Museum in New York. It’s as big of a night as the Oscars. But it’s more fun, because there’s a motto, decided by Vogue. Why would you look at who wears what on that night? Well, first off, you see celebrities, all the major ones focused on trying to make a fashion statement on that day. You also see fashion design at its best, because the garments are either tailor made or custom fitted to those who are wearing them. So you see perfect fit. And last but not least, those celebrities have extremely good stylists so you can be sure that the hair, the makeup, and the whole outfit with the shoes is going to be on top of their games, This year, the museum is presenting an exhibition dedicated to Rei Kawakubo. She’s the head designer of Comme des Gar§ons in Japan. It’s a very experimental label. We’ll get to that in a minute. But so the motto of the night was, logically, Avant-Garde.


Let’s say you’re famous, you got invited to that party, lucky you. How would you pick an outfit for the night? First, understand what that motto is all about. Japanese designer, born in Tokyo in the 40s. Quite secret. She seems to avoid the media and prefers her work to speak for her. Has been sporting the same strict bob cut for as long as the world, or at least, internet, remembers. That is not much material for a motto party. What do her designs look like? She created the Hiroshima chic look. That’s how your sweater looks like after spending time in a radioactive area. More or less. For the record, the nickname comes from the press, not from her. She deconstructs garments, takes away the initial functions, then she exaggerates the exercise further, and pushes the boundaries of fashion to a level never seen before. She plays with shapes in 3D and also in 2D. In 3D, she looks at what happens if you cut a slice away from a ball gown. In 2D, she has observed that with the rise of social media, we’re living more and more in 2D. She said the selfies we post online have to be perfect on screen, in 2D. So the only thing that matters about us humans now is the surface. And according to her, that sucks. She’s also against the perfect body ideal so she will add volume in places where you’re not supposed to have any Like a hunchback or a distorted hip and her fashion is art. No matter if the human body can’t actually move in it. So you can see it’s very conceptual.

Wait. What?! You’ve been working out so much, you have such an expensive stylist, You want your picture of that night to land the Best Dressed list. There also happens to be, at the end of the red carpet, a seated dinner. How are you supposed to do it? Now let’s see what the guests have chosen to wear. There’s always a group saying, Screw that stupid motto. I’m going to wear something that makes me look fabulous instead. Miranda Kerr wore Oscar de la Renta Pretty ball gown, but he’s probably the least avant-garde label there is. Together with Carolina Herrera who dressed Taylor Hill. Beautiful ballgown, not in the motto. Zendaya heard that Beyonca’s spot was free, so she took the dress that looks great on the stairway picture. By Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda And also absolutely not in the motto. Bella Hadid couldn’t be bothered to find a dress so she came in her underwear. That’s a catsuit by Alexander Wang screaming I’m a model, book me. Kim Kardashian came in her least spectacular gala outfit of all time. By Vivienne Westwood One point for the bob haircut of Rei Kawakubo, though Noticed. Gwyneth Paltrow came as Barbie, in Calvin Klein. And even Anna Wintour, who hosts the gala went Chanel instead of avant-garde. Of course, all those ladies definitely looked fantastic But the interest and the fun of a motto party is when people do the motto. If you’re not playing by the rules of the game it’s not funny! So all those people get zero points. The people who actually gave some thought to the theme this year really weren’t many. But there were some of them who did a good, or great job. So I’m going to jump directly to those ones. Playing the deconstructed card: Celine Dion in an asymmetrical black and white dress by Atelier Versace It has personality even though the colours could have been a little bit bolder, in my opinion.

Gigi Hadid’s dress by Tommy Hilfiger took the deconstruction a bit further. The look is more dramatic but it’s still aesthetically pretty. Reese Witherspoon, wearing Mugler, played the volume card, though quite softly with an amplified shoulder detail on the right shoulder. Rita Ora went to Marchesa. And the dress reminds me of Rei Kawakubo’s collection with bows. Remember the suit, the grey suit I showed at the beginning, full of bows? It’s about the same idea. So to me that’s the first outfit really on theme so far. Solange Knowles wore Tom Brown That’s cool. That’s a dress made of outerwear stuffed fabric that really looks avant-garde And ten points for the shoes because I love them. Cara Delevigne came from the future. All in Chanel silver, and she shaved her hair. That was unexpected. Very bold. Double points. And then we come to the people who actually dared to wear Comme des Gar§ons by Rei Kawakubo herself. Sofia de Betak was wearing a dark look probably the most wearable designs by the label at all The colours are a bit difficult though they’re not very flattering on human skin, I have to say. Tracee Ellis Ross went for a sculpture dress, which looked great on her and there’s even a bit of space for the hands which is not the case of all designs by that label Pharrell Williams’s wife chose one of the outfits in 2D, so to say. Extra points because the arms are inside, as you can see, so it’s not among the practical ones. Rihanna? Full points. She nails it. Head to toe Comme des Gar§ons look, matching makeup, even the posture and the allure were trained, and were exactly fitting the brand. Brilliant. Full points for Katy Perry, co-host of the night, who came straight from another planet in Maison Margiela, in red like many of Rei Kawakubo’s designs. It wasn’t about wearing the designer who is in the exhibition. It didn’t necessarily have to be. It was about understanding her work, about daring, about questioning the standards of beauty and the way the human body works. And that’s a great theme, actually. Now I want to know what you would’ve worn to that party. What does avant-garde mean for you? Thumbs up if you enjoyed this post. Thank you so much One more thing. New news on the My blog front. I know that some of you would like to share my posts broadly, with more people in their countries, and those people don’t always speak. Well, now you can write subtitles under my posts the function is activated on my My blog I put the link in the description below, and you can feed in there. The principle is, the first person who writes the translation gives it into review. It gets reviewed by more people who speak the same language and as soon as enough people have approved the translation, it gets published. The main contributor of the translation gets credited by name in the description below so I know who’s done it. My post about face shapes is already available in Thai. That’s so cool! I can’t understand anything but it looks so pretty! Now the post is over. I’ll see you Sunday and Wednesday again. Until then, take care guys. Bye!.

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