Red Carpet Reinvented Drugstore Makeup Tutorial

Hey guys, I’m going to show you how to do this everyday makeup look inspired by the iconic red carpet feline flick eyeliner using new products from L’Oreal Paris. So the night before I washed my hair with a l’oreal extraordinary clay shampoo and conditioner this one is great for oily roots and dry ends and since this is a red carpet reinvented look I painted my nails this scarlet red color using the oil nail polish in the shade 550 before I get started on makeup.

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I’m going to energize and brighten up my skin using the new L’Oreal pure clay mask these 3 masks are meant to be used on different parts of your face based on your needs. So for me I like to use the mattifying one on my nose and forehead. Because that’s where I tend to get the oiliest and then I used the pore refining one on my cheeks to minimize pores and finally I use the brightening one with charcoal on my chin to draw it in purities and even out my skin tone what you do next is leave this on your face for 10 minutes and allow it to dry then rinse it off with water in next let’s move on to eye makeup. So first. I’m going to start with my brows using the Loreal brow stylist definer in the shade dark Fernet, if you have sparse brows like I do start off by drawing an outline for your brows and then filling in the hairs using little tiny strokes for this look I want the main focus to be my eyeliner. So I’m not going to polish my brows much after filling them in. I’m just going to stroke them with my spoon today.

I’m just going to skip eyes shadow altogether and even off the skin tone on my lids using the infallible total cover foundation in the shade 305 natural beige now if your lips are prone to getting oily throughout the day you might want to apply primer first and then set the foundation with a powder to get that very precise feline flick eyeliner look. I’m going to use the blue – liner no our liquid eyeliner start by creating little tiny strokes close to your lash line and then connecting them together when you get to the corner of your eyes create the flick by drawing a line and connecting it to the rest of your eyeliner after you’ve gotten the base of your eyeliner down go back and fill in any spots. So that you get a smooth straight line next curl your lashes and apply mascara here i’m using the l’oreal voluminous feline noir and this is a volumizing mascara it has a quick charge brush that captures each lash and adds instant volume apply two coats to your top and bottom lashes and, if you want an even bolder lift feel free to apply false lashes now that. I’m done with eyes. I’m going to move on to face. So next. I’m going to use the infallible total cover color correcting kit.

And. I’m going to apply the peach shade underneath my eyes to disguise my dark circles this is hands-down my favorite product from the new release. Because the colors are creamy pigmented and easy to blend. So, if you have dry skin this is very moisturizing the green color in the kit is great for neutralizing or canceling out redness on your face. So I like to apply it around my nose and this even works great on blemishes the yellow shade combats discoloration but. I’m just going to apply it underneath my brows to give it an instantly the purple color looks intimidating. But it does wonders for brightening.

So I apply this on the bridge of my nose chin and forehead after I color correct my face. I’m going to apply foundation and here. I’m using the Loreal infallible total cover and this is in the shade 305 natural beige. I’m also using the blend artist by infallible and this is the foundation blender which can be used wet or dry this foundation is very different from the infallible Pro matte and protocol. Because it has a whipped mousse light consistency and that makes it lightweight and great for the face and body the makeup Blender is another favorite of mine I like to use it damp. And I think it does a great job at distributing the foundation without soaking it up next. I’m going to use the infallible total cover concealing and contouring kit this comes with four different shades that you can mix and match I like to apply the second color underneath my eyes and to contour I use the last shade and apply it to the hollows of my cheeks to get that red carpet flow the subtle enough for everyday wear.

I’m going to use the True Match Lumi liquid glue illuminator and this is in the shade golden dot some products right above your cheekbones and blend it out with your fingers to make my feline flick eyeliner stand out the most. I’m going to stick with nude color lifts here. I’m using the infallible Pro matte gloss in the shade fair attraction. So I hope you guys enjoyed this reinvented red carpet lip is great for everyday wear, if you did don’t forget to give this post a thumbs up. And I mean on the comments below which product you look forward to try it out most thanks so much for reading. And I’ll talk to you later ciao.

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