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Man, I got an itch. (sighs)Hey everyone, I’m Abby from Cute Girl Hairstyles and I’m here with Miss Cameron today.Hey guys. And we’re gonna show you how to get your redneck on right here, yeah. We’re gonna show you some redneck rollers today for our Halloween tutorial. Alright now be sure to give this blog a thumbs up. Let’s see if we can get , thumbs up and let’s gear it up. Now to begin this hairstyle you have to part the hair. So what we’ve done is gone to each side of her head and essentially parted straight back and then down the side just behind her ears. We did it on both sides. So you can see that we have, just kind of like a mohawk all the way down the middle of her head and we’ve secured that out of the way for the time being. Now you’re gonna want to do this with hair that’s damp or wet, just depending on how long you want to take to dry it. So this’ll just help hold the redneck rollers in place, so you can even do this totally wet and that would be fine to.

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Then you’re going to take, and I’m just gonna divide this section into two pieces. Once you have an even piece of hair, you take your Coke can, and we’re using the little. fl.oz. so it’s like the smaller cans and we’re just gonna roll this all the way down to the end and roll her hair up. And you can even put in a little gel if you wanted to, if you’re really worried about it. You roll ‘em up as tight as you can against the head, take an elastic and put it as far over to the left as possible, take a second elastic on the back half of the can and take it as far over to the right as possible, so that they form an X. And that’s gonna hold the Coke can nice and secure against the head. If you’re struggling to still keep it secure against the head, you can always use a duckbill clip and just kind of grab the hair like that and it will hold it in nice and tight. And then we’re gonna do the next one. So same thing here, scoop up the hair, take your Coke can, roll the hair up as tight as possible and then put the elastics on. When you’ve completed this side, you’re gonna go to the other side and then do all of the middle and the back, same process.

And I’m going to divide her hair right in here. This just makes it more manageable pieces for me, and I’m going to secure this part out of the way again and we’ll work the back part first. When you’re done with the back, move to the top, your very last section and finish the look. Okay, let’s do the final spin on our redneck rollers. Yeehaw! Pair it with some overalls or a grunge tank top and some cutoff shorts, or if you’re doing the morning look, a bathrobe and some slippers, and you’re set to go. Hope you enjoyed this Halloween Spooktorial. If you’d like to comment to our blog, which we hope you do, click this button right here. If you want to see all of our other Spooktorials you can click this button right here. And if you wanna see our Behind the Braids vlogs, click right here. Yup. We hope you guys check us out and we’ll see you guys next Sunday. Bye guys. Bye.

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