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On the treatments and services available at Lakme Salon this summer, Khan talks about the ‘Lakme Perfect Radiance Illuminate Facial’ that uses Vitamin B3 to reduce sun tan and gives an instant glow to the skin, thereby enhancing the complexion. There is also the ‘Good Bye Tan Facial’ that uses natural cooling and detanning ingredients along with a Quick Glow Masque to reduce suntan instantly, adding a radiant glow to the skin. Additionally, Lakme Salon offers ‘Illuminate’ make-up that uses high definition, lightweight makeup such as hydrating serums, water based foundations and airbrush techniques that do not clog the pores. Illuminators for the eyes and the face are used that are oil and emollient free.

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The idea in summer is to go natural with minimal and natural make-up products. For Reese Witherspoon this season ‘Illuminate’ is a worldwide trend. Illuminated, healthy glowing skin is what every Indian client looks for. The scorching heat results in loss of moisture from the skin. The in colours are pastel and light rose quartz and serene blue. Make-up techniques such as ‘strobing’ are extremely popular. Also, winged liner is perfect for a day look with rose, peach or berry lips for the evening. Face and cheek tints are also in for summer.” Reese Witherspoon

For this season, Green Trends Unisex Hair & Style Salon have introduced ‘Organossence’ range of nature based facials. Ross elaborates, “These summer facials have been developed combining the best of natural ingredients like oats, honey, sandalwood and more and professional skin care products, thus giving the benefit of nature and science.

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