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At Scarlet & Violet is one of the most in-demand forists in the country right now – Kate Moss, Lily Allen and Nigella Lawson love her work. Here, she exclusively shares a selection of her latest DIY projects, especially for weddings.

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Want to sample more? Check out her gorgeous new book on page 96.Chairback or pew end1 It’s easiest to make these once the foam cage (A) is attached to a chair – that way the fowers won’t get damagedand will sit snugly against thechair frame. Using ribbon or wire, attach the foam cage to You wIll need:

A smAll foamcage, wire, ribbon or stringAnd scissors flowers: rosespeonies, cosmos, senecio, Astrantias and hydrangeasthe chair (B). If you can’t fnd a foam cage, you can also make one from a brick of foam and some chicken wire.2 Condition all the flowers, so that you have around 10cm of stem clear of leaves, thorns etc, and leave them in water to drink for a couple of hours.3 Put a towel or dust sheet below the chair, as the foam will drip water as you add the fowers (it will stop doing so soon afer you have fnished). Begin by adding the fowers around the outside to cover the plastic and then build up intothe centre.

Larger-headed fowers and foliage, such as snippets of hydrangeas, roses and senecios, will help to do this efectively. Only insert a fower into the foam once you’ve decided where it should go, as repeated putting in and pulling out will weaken the foam and cause it to crack, with the result the fowers will fall out.

Be careful to insert the stems into the foam’s centre and not through and out the other side – it sounds obvious, but it’s easy to do when you’re only looking at the front.

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