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Papaya slices with a squeeze of lemon juice, promotes cleansing and healing. The papaya provides lutein and zeaxanthin for eyesight restoration, carpain for heart healing, beta cryptoxanthin for colon health and vitamin C (62mg), the youth vitamin, for supple skin, reduced skin cell oxidation, good eyesight and for collagen/skin formation. Lemon juice will provide vitamin C, sulphur (125mg) for cleansing and elimination of bacteria.


Walnuts and Swiss cheese on rye with green tea. Walnuts are an excellent source of omega-3, for healthy skin and eyes; vitamin B6 (0.

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7mg), the vitality vitamin, for antibody production and pituitary gland function; copper (2mg) for skin pigment and vitamin C activity; folate (98mcg) for reproduction of cells; biotin for cellular rejuvenation and conversion of fats into energy. Green tea provides flavonoids that promote antioxidant benefits and healthy skin. Swiss cheese provides excellent protein for cellular production and excellent calcium to offset osteoporosis and for elasticity of the skin.


Tahini with sprout salad. Tahini is a very good source of vitamin E (40mg), which protects cells from oxidation, promotes healing of damaged skin and promotes normal cell life and skin nourishment; vitamin T for brain nourishment and improved memory; zinc (4. 6mg) for healing, healthy skin and hair; calcium (420mg) for good sleep, skin cell and tissue development.

The sprouts will provide numerous active enzymes to promote the digestive, glandular and immune system functions, plus vitamin C and numerous trace nutrients to rejuvenate the body.

For a super rejuvenating sprout salad, add 2 tablespoons of ground pepitas to obtain an excellent supply of iron, for cell development, tissue repair and body cleansing; protein for cellular repair; and a wide variety of minerals for a complete balance of body needs.


Carrot and cucumber juice, the ultimate skin cleansing and rejuvenating juice. The excellent carotene supply from carrots (11, 000mg) promotes soft skin and healing of damaged skin; the excellent sulphur content (445mg) and chlorine content (318mg) promote liver and skin cleansing like no other food. Carrot and cucumber are a good source of silicon, vital for healthy hair growth and a good complexion.


Salmon with a fresh garden salad. Salmon is a very good source of omega-3, for improved skin condition and healing, and protection from dry skin. The lettuce will provide the ultimate source of silicon for hair growth and condition, plus chlorophyll for body cleansing and numerous active enzymes for rejuvenation. Red capsicum will provide an abundance of vitamin C for skin rejuvenation, improved eyesight, and bioflavonoids for prevention of cell oxidation and premature ageing. Asparagus will provide an abundance of fluoride for skin and eye health and bladder.

Cleansing, folate (120mcg) for the cellular system and skin health, and rutin to strengthen blood vessels and protect against varicose veins. Later in the evening, have a serve of acidophilus yoghurt for a peaceful sleep and to balance and cleanse the digestive system of bad bacteria and toxins.

Start the day with any freshly extracted fruit juice to kick off the brain power, as the fruit sugar will quickly get to work, feeding the brain. And just in case you have a hangover naughty! Fructose will eliminate excess alcohol quicker than any other substance. Vitamin C eliminates toxins and boosts the immune system with antioxidant power. Try pineapple, orange and strawberry juice for a delicious non-alcoholic cocktail! For further brain power, if you are a student, try some slivered almonds on the basic breakfast cereal; they’re full of magnesium and stacks of brain minerals. Or try some tahini, the memory food, with rye toast for super brain power, or add a few lecithin granules to your scrambled eggs to feed the ‘grey matter’ as 28% of a healthy brain is comprised of lecithin. (Processed and nearly all foods contain no lecithin. ) If you are a physically hard-working teenager, check the ‘athlete’s diet’ in section entitled as Athlete’s Diet Ideas for breakfast ideas. Give your body the breakfast habit: it’s the foundation for brain stability.


Try a walnut cream bun, or an almond cake with a cup of mixed cereal, with coffee, half-half, for a mild but steady caffeine hit. If you have an acne skin problem, have a glass of water, one apple or peach, and a handful of raw almonds, a rich source of vitamin E, an antioxidant and required regularly. Take a mild vitamin B complex tablet to help the skin and brain, as there are 12 B vitamins and five are required daily, plus they are hard to get from takeaway and cooked foods.


Depending on the climate, a serve of fish with chips will provide heaps of protein and carbohydrate energy, or try a kebab with lots of salad. If you have a skin problem, carrot juice is really tops as it provides abundant sulphur for eliminating toxins from the skin plus heaps of carotene for the skin. Have a carrot juice three times a week and watch spots disappear. A salad sandwich is easy, cheap and beneficial.


If you are stuck in the city or near a big shopping centre, the variety of snacks is amazing, but choose wisely for true value. If you have not had a fresh juice, make it the priority, then add on the calories knowing your body will be obtaining great benefits from the juice: cleansing of the skin, antioxidant power and brain energy. A handful of almonds, Brazil nuts and cashews with an apple will keep you going for ages and provide excellent protein and nutrients. A good quality pie provides 600 calories, about the same as the nuts, and will keep you going for 3 hours. You need 2700-3000 calories a day.


Rice and pasta are simple to prepare and, depending on the additions, they can be a very good base for a complete meal. For a real protein and iron boost, add a tablespoon of ground pepitas to the pasta and cheese, or sauce mix, or stir fry and gain the best omega-3 and iron boost in the world, to promote healthy skin and resistance to bugs, flus, infections, viruses and fatigue. Tacos with salad is.

Easy and nutritious, or fish and baked vegetables, or check any of the recipe ideas in section entitled as Chapter 7Z. It’s the natural foods you add that make all the difference in flavour and nutrition.

NOTE: d.v. refers to the daily value for women 25-50 years, refer to RDI chart for adult male and child values.

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