Relaxation Salve Homemade

This is another product based on the healing properties of St. Johnswort, with the added emolliency of the coconut oil. A topical nervine for helping restore nerve health, it can also be used for stiff, sore

muscles and back, abrasions, burns and sunburns. The salve is also more convenient to travel with and less messy to work with than St. Johnswort oil.

1 oz. beeswax 3 oz. St. Johnswort-infused olive oil

2 oz. coconut oil (see formula 92)

Pour St. Johnswort oil into a heat-proof measuring cup, then add first the coconut oil and next the beeswax, noting the level of the measure after each addition. Place the cup in a hot-water bath and while stirring allow the beeswax and coconut oil to melt and become a uniform liquid free of lumps and solids. Pour into a wide-mouth jar, let solidify undisturbed and then cap. It is now ready to use. Store in a cool, dark place for longer storage. Salves keep for a period of 1-2 years if stored properly. Makes 6 oz.

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