Relaxed but Glamorous Half Up Hair – My Bridesmaid Hairstyles

Our final hairstyle This my sister Anna she has kind of a more relaxed feel for her hair she loves her volume up in the front and her really loose curls. So do you get that we decided to use some velcro rollers which are her favorite she kind of likes to do these. So I first went ahead and applied heat protectant to her hair then I took a one-inch curling iron and went ahead and curled the hair on from the ears down and kind of large sections and these sections are going to go on to the pink rollers.

Relaxed but Glamorous Half Up Hair – My Bridesmaid Hairstyles Photo Gallery

So once I curled it I went ahead and put the pink roller in and rolled it up and pinned it against the head and I did it with it going straight down all the way around the head. So that’s kind of the angle that we’re making for that first layer of curls is that they’re going straight parallel to the floor all the way around and you can take really nice large sections you want to take them about the same size as whatever velcro roller you’re using and you can use a bigger size velcro roller or a smaller one just depending on the size curl that you want we wanted those really big relaxed curls and I really didn’t want them to look very worked or bring liddie at all. So we use the really big ones to go ahead and get that more relaxed effect for her but you could always go much tighter if you wanted to just depending on your personal preference and what you like to do with your hair. So once you have that done you’re going to go ahead and let another about two inches down and go ahead and secure the rest of the top and now I’ll going to curl away from her face. So you can see this one’s going to the right and then.

I’ll going to use a smaller purple roller and roll it in the exact same direction and do that again on this one now these are a little bit smaller and I did that because they’re going to lay on top of those pink ones instead of kind of melding with them that’s going to create a more kind of tousled look you’re going to have those nice tighter curls sticking out on top giving it more definition but you’re not going to have all of the work and kind of worked look of you know really tight curls all over you’re going to have those nice relaxed curls on the bottom with the more defined ones kind of you know just floating on top and looking really nice and defined. So it’s a nice way to make a natural look without really going crazy. So yeah that’s kind of how we did that and then for the top we were just kind of working on preparing her for that bump. So we just curled those sections straight back and then use the pink rollers to go ahead and set them in place because like I said all we really wanted to do is to get them ready to be put into a massive bump for her she really loves her little pompadours. So that is it for how we did our little Roller set now once you’re done you’re going to go ahead and take them down you want to wait till they’re completely dry and then just let the curls down.

I’ll let them hang however they want to go and then once you get those top ones out if you’re doing the exact same little pompadour that we’re doing you’re just going to go ahead and back home in those little areas where the other rollers were and I did multiple sections because like I said Anna really likes her volume in her hair I actually had to cut her off for her problem hair she kept saying bigger and bigger and I was finally like no I will not do any more but anyway. So we made a lot of teasing. So we could get a nice good bit of volume for her going on here and once that’s all done I’ll smoothing it back I’ll taking in some pieces that weren’t cheese just to kind of make that edge look a little bit sleeker and pinning them in place kind of right at the crown of her head and doing the same thing on the other side now because these are. So high up in Anna’s kind of tall all I really did was to just leave those bobby pins sitting on top I didn’t worry about the fact that they were exposed I think it’s okay especially with it being relaxed then I kind of shucked the curls out and gave him some hair spray and that is it like I said Anna’s really relaxed she wanted a relaxed hair style that was still a little bit glamorous and I think we achieved that it’s definitely her personality. So I hope you guys like it as well and of course you could wear it for any of it that you have coming up where you would want to wear you know kind of more glamorous but natural looking hair be sure to check out the previous bridesmaid hair tutorials that I did and I will see you guys later with one more tutorial before my wedding ah I’ll. So excited okay bye.

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