Are there residency restrictions in some countries?

Yes, so you need to check residency restrictions with your tour operator or wedding planner. The most difficult countries are Spain (40 days residency), France (40 days) and Australia (one month and one day); however, there are no restrictions in Antigua, Jamaica or Las Vegas.

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When I dared to try and be charming, the payback was bewildered derision. When I tried to be suave, girls would snigger. When I acted offhand, I would simply end up on my own, standing there like some madman with my eyebrow-raising and mysterious smile. I was socially inept and I lived in fear of being forced into an encounter that would humiliate me. I was a tall and good looking lad and I attracted girls in the first place because of this, although I would generally drive them off in record time because I would say something so grossly foolish that I invariably ended up alone, the words of their shallow excuses ringing in my red ears. Like all young men in their mid-teens, I would put on a good front with my peers though: a blend of indifference and confidence, interspersed with knowing comments about sex and everything that led up to it. It was vital to put forward that you knew what the whole game was about, even if you were still struggling to become a fringe bit-player – as I was when I went to sea. I did try and I was desperate to succeed: there had been some meaningful groping with Doreen from Exeter and some heated struggling with Julia, a pretty girl at my last school. Julia took a shine to me because I was outside the mainstream and she believed I had some hidden strength and power; qualities that attract most girls. In my case however, any such qualities were particularly well hidden.

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